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Green Governance – are your ESG practices geared for sustainability, resilience...

At the heart of a company’s modern-day social contract is its purpose - a call to action that explains to its stakeholders why the company exists, what it stands for and why the world is better off for its existence. In the simplest terms, for sustainability to be embedded in the business strategy, the company needs to understand how it creates value for its stakeholders in the short, medium and long term by delivering on its purpose and by consciously prioritising people, planet and profit.

Hot outdoor commodities for the ultra-rich

During the month of September, many homeowners flock outdoors to enjoy the start of Spring; this may even result in a purchase of a plant or two for one’s garden. But if you are super rich, your love for the outdoors may culminate into spend of anything between R500,000 and R1 million on a single tree for your property.

BusinessBrief October/November 2021 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled GREEN GOVERNANCE - ARE YOUR ESG PRACTICES GEARED FOR SUSTAINABILITY, RESILIENCE & VALUE CREATION? by Esha Mansingh, Executive Vice President Corporate Affairs & Investor Relations, Imperial Logistics and co-chair World Economic Forum New Champions SA Chapter and Lauren Rota, Vice President Group Environmental, Social & Governance, Imperial Logistics, as well a host of other topical management articles written by professionals, consultants and academics in the October/November 2021 edition of BusinessBrief.

Special Economic Zones need to all be more special

You don’t need to be a Nobel economics laureate to know that with the world’s highest rate of unemployment, South Africa needs to attract a lot more job-creating investments. One of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition’s (DTIC’s) flagship programmes is the Special Economic Zones (SEZs), a new iteration of what we used to call Industrial Development Zones (IDZs).

China’s drive towards ‘common prosperity’ rattles the luxury goods sector

China’s transition towards 'common prosperity' will create some short to medium-term headwinds to the growth in luxury goods sales, but these should be more than offset by long-term, structural growth in the sector driven by an expanding middle-income cohort in China.

Why economic freedom matters

Economic freedom enshrines personal choice, voluntary exchange and protection of private property. It is the freedom to start a business or hire an employee without government interference, or to invest and trade with whomever you please.

SA ranks 84th among 165 jurisdictions in economic freedom

South Africa ranks 84th out of 165 countries and territories included in the Economic Freedom of the World: 2021 Annual Report, that we have released in conjunction with Canada’s Fraser Institute. In 2000, South Africa ranked 58th on the list of countries analysed.

BOOK REVIEW | The Secret of Higher Self Living

The Secret of Higher Self Living describes a life of inner peace, attained through overcoming fear and practicing non-attachment, love, and compassion. Essentially, it’s letting go of stuff, taking life and ourselves less seriously.

Riots due to inequality? Not likely

South Africa saw its most destructive riots in years this past July, ostensibly in response to former President Jacob Zuma's imprisonment and due to socio-economic factors. The Constitutional Court's sentencing of Zuma was widely hailed as a victory for the Rule of Law, but the commentariat in many cases remains blissfully unaware of its diagnostic blindspots.

Forced localisation will only add to unemployment crisis

While we acknowledge the positive structural reforms currently underway by government – most notably the lifting of the self-generation threshold to 100MW – command control plans of enforced localisation stand to undo any potential positive upsides of other reforms.


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