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BOOK REVIEW | All Rise: Resistance and Rebellion in South Africa

All Rise: Resistance and Rebellion in South Africa revives six true stories of resistance by marginalised South Africans against the country’s colonial government in the years leading up to Apartheid.

BOOK REVIEW | Cultureneering

Are you a leader who aims to drive real growth for the people within your organisation and at the same time deliver exceptional customer service that sets you apart from your competitors? Running a business in a racially polarised country with a melting pot of diversity, requires leaders to understand the complexity of building an inclusive culture out of a fragmented workforce.

BOOK REVIEW | Footprints – Laying the Path

Footprints is a captivating story about intellectual property (IP). It speaks to its role in society, trade, industry, and economy and expounds on the actual meaning of IP. The book lays a solid foundation for innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses, and nations to realise their full potential through IP policy, legislation, use and practices.

BOOK REVIEW | Culture Renovation

Seize and expand the competitive edge with a smart, well-managed culture 'renovation'. Most business leaders understand the power of a dynamic, positive culture, but almost every effort to change culture fails. Why? The approach is often all wrong. Rather than attempt to 'transform' a new culture from the ground up, leaders need to instead spearhead a culture renovation.

BOOK REVIEW | The Poetic Journey Of Self-Leadership

Everyone is on a journey of growth, from birth to death. The authors used their research data, to tap into the vital stages of this journey of growth from a psychological growth perspective. They linked the stages of psychological growth to self-leadership development.

BOOK REVIEW | Values-driven Entrepreneurship and Societal Impact

Sub-Saharan African is challenged and blessed with a dynamic mix of formal and informal sectors, laced with effective and ineffective layers of entrepreneurial behaviour and action.

BOOK REVIEW | The People Excellence Star

Ongoing disruptive innovation has become the key competitive edge in staying ahead of the game in the inimitable, compelling, memorable experience-based economy. The 21st century organisation will be an ideas/imagination business.

BOOK REVIEW | The Secret of Higher Self Living

The Secret of Higher Self Living describes a life of inner peace, attained through overcoming fear and practicing non-attachment, love, and compassion. Essentially, it’s letting go of stuff, taking life and ourselves less seriously.

BOOK REVIEW | The Young Entrepreneur’s Playbook

The Young Entrepreneur’s Playbook is a sequential guide that takes the entrepreneur from inception of an idea to success and all the way to exit. The author details the milestones of growing and evolving a business in a journey that is by no means linear.

BOOK REVIEW | Destroying Democracy

Democracy is being destroyed. This is a crisis that expresses itself in the rising authoritarianism visible in divisive and exclusionary politics, populist political parties and movements, increased distrust in fact-based information and news, and the withering accountability of state institutions.


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