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BOOK REVIEW | Unstressable

From the author of Scary Smart, Unstressable applies Mo Gawdat's brilliant engineering mind and Alice Law's stress-management expertise to the 'stress pandemic'. This follow up to bestselling Solve For Happy will show you that chronic stress is not an unavoidable part of modern life, but a predictable – and therefore preventable – response, often as much to do with negative thought patterns as external circumstances.


True Roman justice begins and ends with one man's hand around another's throat... The fate of a dynasty hangs in the balance. Into this fevered forum, Agrippina, granddaughter of Emperor Augustus, gives birth to a son: Nero. Imperial blood courses through their veins but will offer no protection. If they are to survive amongst tyrants, they must learn to walk a razor's edge.

BOOK REVIEW | Chris van Wyk – Irascible Genius

When he died in 2014, author Chris van Wyk left behind an impressive literary legacy. The scope of his work was broad – poetry, children’s books, short stories and biographies. But perhaps he is best remembered for his memoir Shirley, Goodness & Mercy, which chronicles his growing up in Riverlea and introduces us to the colourful characters who helped to shape his life and inform the stories he wrote.

BOOK REVIEW | Your Ultimate Personal Finance Guide

The only personal finance book you will ever need! It is never too late, or too early, to become more intentional about your finances. Unexpected life events can severely expose the financial vulnerability of individuals and households who are ill-prepared.

BOOK REVIEW | Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies

Ten days. Eight suspects. Six cities. Five authors. Three bodies. One trip to die for. Eleanor Dash, bestselling author of the Vacation Mysteries series, is on a book tour along the gorgeous Amalfi Coast when life starts imitating art as her ex-boyfriend (and book protagonist) Connor Smith is targeted by a killer.

BOOK REVIEW | Newman’s Birds by Colour

Newman’s Birds by Colour offers beginner birders a quick and simple way to identify southern Africa’s most common birds using colour as a starting point. Now in its fourth edition, this handy illustrated guide has been updated to include the latest common names, expanded habitat information, and up-to-date distribution maps.

BOOK REVIEW | The Burial Plot

From Elizabeth Macneal, the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Doll Factory, The Burial Plot is a spellbinding Gothic thriller about murder and manipulation. London, 1839. With the cemeteries full and money to be made in death, tricksters Crawford and Bonnie survive on wicked schemes and ill-gotten coin.

BOOK REVIEW | No Worries

No Worries shows how anyone can live a stress-free financial life and build wealth for the long term. This is not about millions of tiny decisions that drain the joy from life, like skipping daily coffee to save a few bucks. And it’s not simply about having more money.

BOOK REVIEW | They Thought I Was Dead

Peter James, the number one, multi-million copy bestselling author of the Grace series returns to finally reveal the events of Roy Grace’s tortured past – the truth behind his wife’s disappearance. Thrillingly told from her perspective, this is Sandy’s story.

BOOK REVIEW | Eruption

A history-making once-in-a-century volcanic eruption is about to destroy the Big Island of Hawaii. But a decades-old military secret could turn the volcano into something even more terrifying. Now it's up to a handful of brave individuals to save the island - and the entire world.


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