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BOOK REVIEW | No Retreat, No Surrender

Few athletes hold a record comparable to that of Oscar Chalupsky and he made history at the age of fifteen as the first person to win both the Junior and Senior Ironman titles on the same day at the South African National Lifesaving Championships, he was the country’s spokesman at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics

BOOK REVIEW | The Wise Investor

The stock market is the golden goose that the rich rely on to stay rich. That’s why so many people believe that the stock market is an exclusive club, or that only professionals understand it well enough to succeed. But those days are long gone, and investing is more accessible than ever, as The Wise Investor proves.

BOOK REVIEW | In the Balance

As jobs disappear, wages flat-line and inequality grows, this timely book presents a compelling analysis of the need, conditions and possibilities for a universal basic income (UBI) in South Africa and beyond. Highly topical and distinctive in its approach, In the Balance: The Case for a Universal Basic Income in South Africa and Beyond offers a robust and critical examination of a universal basic income.

BOOK REVIEW | Dockside Reading

In Dockside Reading, Isabel Hofmeyr traces the relationships among print culture, colonialism, and the ocean through the institution of the British colonial Custom House.

BOOK REVIEW | Bassie: My Journey of Hope

Basetsana Kumalo shot to fame as Miss South Africa in 1994 and soon became the face of South Africa’s new democracy. As the first black presenter of the glamorous lifestyle TV show Top Billing, she travelled the world and interviewed legends like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross.

BOOK REVIEW | Surrounded by Narcissists

In this thought-provoking, sanity-saving book, Thomas Erikson helps you understand what makes narcissists tick and, crucially, how to handle them without wearing yourself out in the process.

BOOK REVIEW | Management Mastery and Practice Series

Management Mastery and Practice Series is suited to a range of managers. You might be a newly promoted manager or about to step into a greater managerial role with increased responsibilities. Or perhaps you have been in a management position for some years’ time but have had no formal management training, or you are an executive leader but have simply forgotten some of the basics of leading and managing yourself and others.

BOOK REVIEW | Character Insights for a Regenerative Future

As our societal and economic structures shift in an increasingly VUCA world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to modernise their ways of thinking and ways of working to match and adapt to these changes.

BOOK REVIEW | Who Do We Become?

In Who Do We Become?, John maps out our strange, new world and lays down a path to reframe our thinking, to recognise our discomfort, to survive and thrive. Infused with empathy and personal anecdote, the book is divided into three sections.

BOOK REVIEW | This Generation Leads

This book was born out of an idea that the author had during the period in which he spent time with several young people who had approached him to assist them in different ways, including personal development, career advancement and growth, as well as growing their businesses and entrepreneurial acumen and skills. he took the challenge but felt that more could be achieved, hence this book.


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