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BOOK REVIEW | Calling Bullshit

Calling bullshit is a performative utterance, a speech act in which one publicly repudiates something objectionable. The scope of targets is broader than bullshit alone. You can call bullshit on bullshit, but you can also call bullshit on lies, treachery, trickery, or injustice.

BOOK REVIEW | Rapport: The Four Ways to Read People

We all have to deal with difficult people, all of us have to deal with difficult people. Whether we are asking our boss for a pay rise or we are asking our neighbour to move a fence, we can struggle to avoid arguments and get what we want.

BOOK REVIEW | The Rodchenkov Affair

The explosive story of the scientist who ran the biggest doping programme in history. As seen in the Netflix Oscar-winner Icarus. In 2015, Russia’s Anti-Doping Centre was suspended by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) following revelations of an elaborate state-sponsored doping programme at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

BOOK REVIEW | Intelligent Automation

Today, Artificial Intelligence has the ability to automate white-collar work, in a shift many are calling the 'fourth industrial revolution'. Industry experts Pascal Bornet, Ian Barkin and Jochen Wirtz are at the helm of this Hyperautomation. In their new book, the team lays out what the future might look like.

BOOK REVIEW | No Rules Rules

Finally Reed Hastings, Netflix Chairman and CEO, is sharing the secrets that have revolutionised the entertainment and tech industries. With INSEAD business school professor Erin Meyer, he will explore his leadership philosophy - which begins by rejecting the accepted beliefs under which most companies operate - and how it plays out in practice at Netflix.

BOOK REVIEW | Black and White Thinking

Black and White Thinking is an alarm call, an urgent and timely explanation of the polarisation seen in some of the most dominant global news stories of modern times. It is human instinct to sort and categorise. We are hardwired to discriminate and frame everything in binary black and white. It's how our brains work. Migrant or refugee? Muslim or Christian? Them or us?

BOOK REVIEW | A Promised Land

The presidential memoirs of Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, will be published in two volumes. The first volume, titled A Promised Land, is scheduled for global release on Tuesday, 17 November 2020, and will be issued simultaneously in 25 languages.

BOOK REVIEW | VBS: A Dream Defrauded

Originally, the Venda Building Society, VBS Mutual Bank was a small, little-known lender in Limpopo before it rocketed from obscurity in 2016 by giving President Jacob Zuma a controversial home loan to repay the state for improvements to his Nkandla homestead.

BOOK REVIEW | The New Success Paradigm

Today the focus on ‘a job’ is more pronounced than it has ever been before in our global commercial history. We are living on a planet that is rapidly becoming less and less sustainable and which needs to progressively take better care of its people, and vice versa.

BOOK REVIEW | Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap is an accessible overview of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the impact it is set to have on various sectors in South Africa and Africa. The book explores the previous industrial revolutions that have led up to this point and outlines South Africa’s position been through each one.



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