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BOOK REVIEW | Crucial Mentoring Conversations

Mentoring nourishes others to grow and act with greater confidence. The need for mentorship is greater than ever before. However, informal mentoring has not kept up with the challenges in business. In his latest book on mentoring, Niël Steinmann, South Africa’s leading authority on mentorship suggests a structured and intentional approach to mentoring, called crucial mentoring conversations.

BOOK REVIEW | Ubuntu Coaching and Connection Practices for Leader-Managers

Welcome to a guidebook for managers and leaders navigating the challenges of our evolving world. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the global, unpredictable, and intense nature of our surroundings, necessitating both resilience and sensitivity.

BOOK REVIEW | The Management of Sport In South Africa

The Management of Sport is a ground breaking book written by multiple practitioners and academics experienced in managing sport in South Africa. The book offers theoretical and practical perspectives on managing diverse sport environments within the South African context.


Enthralling leadership secrets from another age, another empire… Prof Phinda Madi’s journey into the rich heritage of Africa’s history unearths the dramatic truth of the markable leader’s victories and ultimate defeat. Shaka’s story is heroic and inspiring.

BOOK REVIEW | The Leaders’ Inner Source

In an era marked by uncertainty, “The Leader’s Inner Source: Engage Your Whole Self to Navigate Chaos and Complexity and Make a Meaningful Impact” provides transformative insights for navigating leadership challenges.

BOOK REVIEW | Trust-Based Leadership

In Trust-Based Leadership, Dr Charles Du Toit brings you the nine principles to lead successfully today, whether you are a business leader, public sector leader, community leader, or in any other leadership position.

BOOK REVIEW | Master Your Thesis

In this book, leading academic professional and postgraduate coach since 2018, Caroline Dale, will guide you with a tried and tested roadmap to complete your thesis. The six step Dale-method will equip you with practical tools to gain and maintain momentum to successfully complete your Masters or PhD thesis.

BOOK REVIEW | Your Leadership Footprint

Leadership seems deceptively simple to explain, yet in its essence, it is multifaceted and complex. This practical handbook for leaders is structured around a series of key themes and thought-provoking reflective questions.

BOOK REVIEW | Management Mastery and Practice Series

Management Mastery and Practice Series is suited to a range of managers. You might be a newly promoted manager or about to step into a greater managerial role with increased responsibilities. Or perhaps you have been in a management position for some years’ time but have had no formal management training, or you are an executive leader but have simply forgotten some of the basics of leading and managing yourself and others.

BOOK REVIEW | Character Insights for a Regenerative Future

As our societal and economic structures shift in an increasingly VUCA world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to modernise their ways of thinking and ways of working to match and adapt to these changes.


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