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Hybrid work requires a flexible business approach

Local businesses that have transitioned to hybrid work programmes are well aware of the potential productivity gains to be had when employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Of course, the journey from a traditional office setup to a complete remote model during the pandemic was the catalyst for this model.

Why investing in employees’ health is a smart business move

At the heart of every successful organisation is a healthy, motivated workforce. In today's competitive job market, where talent retention, productivity and innovation are crucial, organisations must seek new ways to gain a competitive edge.

Red flags to spot social media job scams

As social media becomes more intertwined with our daily routines, sly cybercriminals are using it to trick people with fake job offers. What are these social-media recruitment scams, and how can you spot the red flags? With over 32% of South Africans struggling to find jobs, it is no wonder that scams targeting job seekers are becoming more common.

The unexpected impact of digital nomad visa on local coders

With South Africa getting closer to rolling out a digital nomad visa, it is a mix of good news for the economy but also a cause for concern about how it might affect our local coders. Remote work is gaining popularity, allowing individuals to combine travelling the globe with maintaining full-time employment.

The lasting effects of COVID-19 work-from-home & digitisation

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lock down brought with it many ongoing consequences for the working world. Although at the end of 2023, analysts predicted that work-from-home (WFH) would be eradicated over the next few years, the first quarter of 2024 is painting a different picture.

Unveiling the dark side of technology in the workplace

There’s no denying that technology has indelibly transformed the modern workplace, especially following the onset of the global pandemic. Streamlined processes, enhanced communication and boosted productivity are just some of the benefits businesses have eagerly embraced in the digital era. These benefits come at a price.

The transformative power of edge computing & SASE across industries

Edge computing and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) are two ground breaking technologies poised to revolutionise business operations across diverse industries. These innovations offer a multitude of advantages, ranging from reduced latency and enhanced performance to heightened security, cost savings, and scalability.

Employee screening is vital in the new world of work

Today’s workplace – and the way we work – has been majorly disrupted over the past few years. The arrival of a remote or hybrid way of working has seen the adoption of several transformative technologies within organisations to enable work to be done virtually.

Remuneration predictions for 2024 & beyond

In the rapidly evolving landscape of employee remuneration, the year 2024 marks a crucial juncture. The global dynamics are shifting, presenting both challenges and opportunities for organisations and their workforce. The remuneration climate is quickly and continuously changing, forcibly and consistently keeping us on our toes.

The hidden cost of meaningless meetings

Meetings have been a part of the business landscape and company calendar for as long as anyone can remember, and indeed have played a valuable role as a forum to communicate, collaborate and innovate. However many, perhaps even most meetings today no longer serve a strategic purpose and have, instead, become reflexive diary entries that contribute little and can, indeed, hurt more than help, a leadership expert.


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