BOOK REVIEW | 10 Golden Stars to Leadership Excellence


Accelerate your leadership development with modern theory and practice to build high-performance teams

By Dr Tom Dreyer 

Embark on a transformative journey as you discover the wisdom, tools, and strategies to become a leader of substance and stature.

This book is underpinned by Dr Dreyer’s decades of experience, collaborations with world-renowned institutions, neuroscientific insights, and real-life success stories. Whether you’re taking your first steps into leadership or seeking to elevate your skills, this book offers a dual perspective on overcoming global leadership challenges and harnessing best practices to thrive in any environment.

The art of building high performance teams

Realise the intricacies of self-awareness, adaptability, and the art of building high performance teams.

Deep dive into trust, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. Successfully navigate change, the digital revolution, and foster talent to meet the increasingly complex leadership demands of the modern world.

What sets this book apart is its dynamic, hands-on approach. Through a mix of engaging narratives, case studies, self-reflective pit stops and practical toolkits, Dr Dreyer ensures that the insights are not just learned, but lived. Through the 10 Golden Stars you will develop the skills to achieve leadership excellence by translating theory into impactful action, profoundly transforming your life and the lives of those you lead.

Finally, the perfect balance of theory and practice! Dr. Tom Dreyer has authored the only leadership book you’ll ever need. Truly a masterpiece resource for every leader from the frontline to the C-Suite.

– Scott Jeffrey Miller, 7 x bestselling author and former Executive Vice-President, FranklinCovey; host of the world’s largest leadership podcast

About the author

Dr Tom Dreyer’s distinguished career of 20+ years has been defined by a commitment to excellence and a dedication to empowering leaders globally. From humble beginnings in South Africa to becoming a respected leadership authority, his story reflects immense passion and determination for transformative change.

At 14, living independently, Tom managed school, work, and entrepreneurial endeavors, cultivating a robust work ethic and commitment to personal growth. His professional path began at SASOL, where he advanced from being an operator to becoming the principal of learning and development.

  • PUBLISHER | Quickfox Publishing |
  • ISBN | 978-0796150431 |
  • Recommended Retail Price | R350.00 |
  • Classification | Leadership |



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