How small businesses continue to survive the COVID-19 pandemic


Nkhensani Moyane | Managing Director | AceCubePR | mail me

It has been just over a year since COVID-19 has hit our shores, and as a small business we are still struggling to find our feet.

COVID-19 has introduced new ways of business survival and operations, the ‘adapt or die’ quote has become a reality and small businesses have had to make crucial changes and learn new skills.

Identifying new income streams, reworking certain business principals just to attract more business is vital.

Working remotely has helped our business save on rent and utilities but it has put strain on the overall team dynamics. Yes, the team might be working from their comfort zones but having your team members within reach makes it easier for certain things to happen.

Working from home also means longer hours and this cuts into family and personal time. Small business owners/team leaders also need to be there to support their teams now more than ever, show them appreciation especially when they have been supportive and understanding through these trying times.

Having a responsible team, that is mature, honest, and brings their A-Game every day is crucial, because there is no time for micro-management. Having a team that understands this concept is vital for the survival of a small business.

Always pay attention to your team’s mental health, ensuring that your team is mentally fit will help in delivering the needed result to keep the business performing at optimum levels. Ensuring that your team is mentally fit is not just beneficial for the businesses, it will also help them with their personal lives.

Government has not done much to help small businesses survive through this pandemic. Funds were allocated to helping small businesses, but we never received that assistance.

As a small business, we have managed to keep our doors open through hard work and finding ways to sustain ourselves. Businesses have to adapt to the ever-changing environments, COVID-19 has brought a different dimension to the elements of survival.

Its time for small businesses to band together and support each other. Creating a network that caters for the needs of small businesses and contributes to the businesses survival.

In the words of Jack Ma ‘For people in business, 2020 was really just a year of staying alive. Don’t even talk about your dreams or plans. Just make sure that you stay alive. If you can stay alive, then you would have made a profit already’.

Gratitude also goes a long way, learning to appreciate what you have as opposed to dwelling on what you have lost makes a difference.



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