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Change Management – a core competency for leaders?

Ntombizone Feni | Executive Director | 21st Century | mail me | How often do we find ourselves grappling with the need for a keen...

Modernising operations & how to overcome the fear of change

Businesses are often hesitant to embrace change, particularly when it involves crucial operations. Many organisations and industries worry that upgrading their infrastructure could cause disruptions and downtime impeding productivity. The fear is not entirely unfounded, as it is often based on historical examples of unsuccessful and costly migrations.

STUDY | How technology will make or break business in 2024

In an era of unprecedented uncertainty, the headwinds facing businesses are stronger than ever. Businesses find themselves navigating a complex landscape, where economic shifts and geopolitical challenges loom large on the horizon. In such turbulent times, the key question is not whether change will occur, but rather how effectively leaders can prepare for and adapt to it.

Pivoting into productivity with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be a topical conversation, but it is proving to be an invaluable time saver and productivity enhancer. In 2023, Microsoft introduced Copilot to a select group of organisations and teams to assess how well the technology reduced their ‘digital debt’ and delivered on their daily productivity and time-saving requirements.

Elevating modern businesses – the soaring impact of cloud ERP

In recent years, the cloud has emerged as an undeniable powerhouse in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market, with projections indicating a staggering transformation from the current $64.7 billion valuation to an astounding $130 billion by 2027. The allure of cloud-based ERP is undeniable, offering cost savings, swift implementation, enhanced flexibility, and accessibility for businesses to scale seamlessly.

AI & automation’s potential for humanity & work

Each industrial revolution has caused disruption, but it doesn't necessarily mean a net loss of jobs. While automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can eliminate jobs and industries, they also create new ones. AI has already improved our lives, especially in the service industry, by increasing efficiency and giving us more free time for tasks like booking flights or ordering food. However, these improvements are somewhat superficial.

People challenges & talent gaps – biggest business obstacles

The uniquely challenging global events of the past few years have underscored the critical importance of people management for companies. Disruptions, including the pandemic and its aftermath, forced organisations to clearly define priorities and quickly build up specific capabilities in employee health and safety and more flexible working models.

How a leader can approach big decisions – both personally and...

One of the secrets to being a successful leader is remaining focused during times of change. A leader must ensure there is continued business momentum during change while also activating and driving change with the people in the engine room of the organisation.

Successful change management requires an awareness of built-in resistance

Change management is as important today as it has ever been. The world is going through unprecedented change as new technologies change the very fabric of our world. An important aspect of change management is a willingness to accept being vulnerable and a commitment to sticking to the course, which will be characterised by fear and resistance.

Igniting the mind, heart, and soul of business in SA

With a personal affinity for change management borne out of transformative events in my life, I have witnessed its power to shape attitudes, behaviours, and thinking. In the fast-paced world of business, change management emerges as the transformative force that ignites the mind, heart, and soul of organisations.


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