Why your business no longer needs a PABX


Let’s face it, things have changed for business. They are not going to go back to the way they were. And we need new ways to manage the ‘new normal’, fast.

Take for instance your office PABX system: A PABX (or PBX) is a company switchboard, that allows everyone in the company to make and receive calls from the same number(s), and transfer calls between each other. Sounds simple enough, right?

Why then has it traditionally been such a frighteningly… complicated… beast?  First, it needs to be put in a ‘secure’, airconditioned corner of your office (normally the IT guys’ secret pizza-and-redbull lair somewhere). Then it needs to have connectivity – physical wires – dragged into it and connected. And then have smaller wires dragged out of it, to telephones on each desk. And then it needs to be programmed.

And then someone needs to manage it and monitor it, usually on a costly maintenance SLA. Unless of course you were recently sold a shiny new, ‘cloud-hosted PABX’.

Cloud-hosted PABX

Now the beast lives somewhere else, in someone else’s dungeon, and they manage it for you. But you still need nice big wires, or even better, fibre, dragged from the (now remote) dungeon to your own premises, passed through expensive firewalls and routers, and then smaller wires are dragged into offices, meeting rooms and cubicles, and now these are connected to nice smart (and even more expensive) IP phones. All done by a cohort of very expensive IT techs.

All done!! But the problem is now… today there is nearly nobody left in your offices, as most are now Working From Home!!

So now you have the wires rerouted on to home offices, and the IP phones moved… but the call quality starts to falter as the home offices don’t have unlimited (or properly prioritised) bandwidth, and the kids’ minecraft meets regularly bring Zoom and calls to their knees at the very worst moments…

So, then your IP PBX provider installs magic new VoIP ‘softphone’ apps on your employees’ cell phones, which connect back to your hosted PBX over… an even thinner and dodgier, best-effort, data signal that is now carried over the air by your cellular network… and your calls are now more erratic and sound even worse than ever!

Sound familiar? Luckily, this does not need to be your business’ ‘new normal’…

There is nothing wrong with VoIP on paper

It is no secret that the real problem with Voice over IP systems has always been… the IP part: in other words, problems arise in trying to send voice calls over a medium that was specifically designed for data.

There is nothing wrong with VoIP on paper, in fact it is a brilliant bit of technology … but in practice the data networks it is expected to run over always seem to let it down.

This is why on a fibre line and with an uncontested data signal your VoIP will work great… but when out and about, on your cell phone, roaming from WiFi to 4G to 3G to sometimes Edge, swapping cell towers occasionally, sometimes on home Wi-Fi, sometimes at the office… you’re on a hiding to nothing with a VoIP connection.


Until now there was no alternative to this sad state of affairs … that is, until NoPBX™, with its brand-new technology, ‘PBX-over-GSM’.

NoPBX is a new concept in company switchboards, developed right here in South Africa, that:

  • works using only your existing smartphones – which means no need for ANY additional hardware investment to get up and running;
  • it uses real GSM (cell phone) voice calls to connect you, not VoIP – which means guaranteed call quality every call with no need to have a reliable data signal present;
  • and, it causes no call costs on your employee’s cell phones – which means never having to calculate and pay out cell phone allowances or reimbursements, ever again!

With NoPBX, you are freed of all of the traditional PABX ‘infrastructure’ costs including: data lines, data connection management and shaping, firewalls, routers and IP phone devices. None of these are necessary anymore, just your existing smartphones running the free NoPBX smartphone app, on either Android or iOS.

So in reality, with NoPBX you really don’t need a PABX any more… just think of all that saving…


Another enormous benefit of NoPBX is that it works anywhere there is a GSM voice signal, no data required, and there are no charges to transfer calls between employees, no matter where they are in the country!

Your employees are therefore always in touch when they need to be and can be free to work from wherever they wish, not just from “home, where the company-funded data line is.

Trabel, the creators of NoPBX, make several bold claims about NoPBX… that it is the simplest cloud hosted PBX in SA, the easiest to set up, the quickest to set up, the easiest to manage and the lowest total cost of ownership. As an instant solution for any business starting up fast or wishing to contain costs and work remotely, it certainly ticks all these boxes!

For more information, or to trial your own NoPBX solution today, please click here.

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