PODCAST | Is there a future without B-BBEE?


Monde Ndlovu | Head | Advocacy and Thought Leadership | Black Management Forum (BMF) | mail me |


An interview with Monde Ndlovu, Head Advocacy and Thought Leadership, Black Management Forum (BMF)and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, CEO, ArkKonsult, discussing how all stakeholders in society have a particular role to play in fusing the scientific, the craft and artistic perspectives of transformation in the South African economy.

South Africa is limp wristed from unclear definitions and objectives that are used at different moments to drive ambiguous agendas. South Africa lacks a clear definition for transformation, and thus every other organ of change abdicates their role in shaping the country in a progressive direction…




  1. Never mind the future. Where exactly are we with B-BBEE in the present? Without negating the evils of the past, how exactly is B-BBEE helping today by perpetuating the fear against white people playing the boogieman?
    We’ve been a one-party state for more than two decades. Patronage networks entrenched so deeply I doubt we will ever get rid of it. Less than 3% of the working population (all races) have been bringing in more than 80% of tax revenues, and are expected to squeeze more out of their pockets to fund corruption and governmental ineptitude. There is an enormous exodus of skilled people, of all colour, that we desparately need to keep at home. Politicians keep focussing on getting rid of white CEO’s with the pretext of ‘equality’ (not realising there is a vast difference between ‘equality’ and ‘inequity’.) where the number of these executives represent a tiny fraction of the working populace where once these changes are effected, it makes absolutely no difference to the majority of workers in lower levels. The new black executives treat black workers far far worse than previous bosses because the new ones feel entitled after feeling ‘they’ve made it’. All this to make the point that B-BBEE makes absolutely no difference to the majority of workers whom are actually affected.

  2. BEE cannot equip ANYBODY to do a job. To give someone a job or position unearned doesn’t enable him to do the job. This has been happening since the ANC took command of our Government and increasingly we are left with incapable people in strategic important positions. This has left our Country in the poor state it currently is. If a person are not able to do a job, he/she should not be given the position. Incompetency is the downfall of any Government, Nation or Country. Incompetency is the enemy of any Country and our Government currently are the most incompetent ever. People should be properly trained before given any job or position to ensure results. Skin colour is of no concern, ability is….


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