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The disabled – the case for incubating entrepreneurs

What would a Framework for including people with disabilities into your supply chain look like in-terms of the latest BBBEE Codes of Good Practice published on the 31st of May 2019?

The disabled – the South African conundrum?

There are multiple benefits which companies can derive either in employing people with disabilities, or in procuring goods or services from them within the businesses supply chain.

AI case study comparative in two European countries

Finally, an opportunity to examine the substantive choices made in the application of AI solutions, within the same industry, reflecting the cultures and norms of two different countries.

PODCAST | Ethics – building value-based and value-centred leadership

An interview with David Lapin, Chief Executive Officer, Lapin International Inc, and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, CEO, ArkKonsult, discussing how the implementation and operationalisation of ethics is not just about compliance, its about a philosophy of value-based and value-centred leadership, and by building it into the DNA of a business, will create a natural outcome of ethical business practice which in turn results in improved performance.

AI impact on ‘decent work’?

AI is incompatible with policies for labour growth and forespell the introduction of the basic income grant. Consultants across the globe continue to debate the opportunities, limitations and merits of implementing Artificially Intelligent (AI) solutions. They engage, argue and agree to disagree on the inevitable effect which AI will have on the labour market and the number of people employed in Decent Work.

PODCAST | Risk and possibility await 4IR companies and staff

An interview with Jessica Knight, Strategic Manager, CURA Software Solutions, and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, CEO, ArkKonsult, discussing that as a society, we are on the precipice of The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), and we are only just beginning to understand the radical effects it will have on the way we communicate, live and work.

PODCAST | Who has to register as a credit provider under...

An interview with Pierre Burger, Director, Werksmans Attorneys, and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, CEO, ArkKonsult, discussing the confusion that has been created by the National Credit Act (NCA) relating to the obligation to register as a credit provider. In effect, anyone who concludes a credit agreement in terms of which any amount of money is owed to them, subsequent to 11 May 2016, is required to be registered as a credit provider.

PODCAST | In imports, timing is everything

An interview with Dr Greg Cline, Head Corporate Accounts, Investec Import Solutions, and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, CEO, ArkKonsult, discussing timing in relation to importing. Common sense indicates that when the currency is stronger, it becomes cheaper to import. But, if we consider that the trade market changes constantly and that there are a number of factors that affect the sector – beyond currency fluctuations, is there really a right time to import?

PODCAST | America’s BUILD Act – a silver lining for Africa

An interview with Ewadele Butler, Senior Associate, Hogan Lovells US and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, CEO, ArkKonsult, discussing the Better Utilisation of Investments Leading to Development Act, or the BUILD Act, which President Trump signed into law in October 2018. This legislation is set to increase investment into the continent, in a bid to counter the narrative that China’s influence in Africa is rising, while the US falls off with its ‘America first’ approach.

PODCAST | Pareto’s principle and burnout

An interview with Judy Klipin, Master Life Coach, Judy Klipin Coaching and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, CEO, ArkKonsult, discussing how burnout affects both individuals and organisations and is a service delivery and efficiency and effectiveness crisis waiting to happen.
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