Is there a future without B-BBEE?


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South Africa is limp wristed from unclear definitions and objectives that are used at different moments to drive ambiguous agendas. South Africa lacks a clear definition for transformation, and thus every other organ of change abdicates their role in shaping the country in a progressive direction.

Defining transformation

This is the proposed definition that incorporates three facets of transformation:

  • Transformation as a science – seeks to measure the progress of black people in terms of their socio-economic prosperity in a democratic dispensation.
  • Transformation as a craft – seeks to create policies and frameworks that will drive the inclusion of black people into the mainstream economy.
  • Transformation as an art – seeks to deal with the mindset of society around creating a new society, which is fundamentally distinct from what was there prior to transformation efforts. Building it from the ground up and focusing on values and principles.

Therefore, all stakeholders in society have a particular role to play in fusing the scientific, the craft and artistic perspectives of transformation in the South African economy. This definition should be adopted by business, black lobby groups, government, labour and civil society, and should become the DNA of every conference, discussion, engagement, and policy submission in South Africa.

B-BBEE the engine of transformation

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is both a measure and an instrument for transformation. It falls into the scope of the scientific and craft elements of the definition above.

At the heart of B-BBEE is

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