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PODCAST | Is there a future without B-BBEE?

An interview with Monde Ndlovu, Head Advocacy and Thought Leadership, Black Management Forum (BMF), and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, CEO, ArkKonsult, discussing how all stakeholders in society have a particular role to play in fusing the scientific, the craft and artistic perspectives of transformation in the South African economy.

BOOK REVIEW | 12 Lenses into Diversity in South Africa

12 Lenses into Diversity in South Africa calls for responsible inclusion from all – individually and organisationally, by ordinary citizens as well as those in positions of power. In harnessing the best of our African, Western heritage and Eastern heritage, we can create a brighter future for all who live and work in South Africa.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate – what should employers do?

Following the rise of a second COVID-19 wave in many countries, vaccines are in high demand. While desperate to resume pre-pandemic operations, businesses in South Africa find themselves in a tricky position. Should they enforce vaccinating workers to ensure a safe work environment, as well as operational continuity? If so, they risk a legal battle with employees who have a constitutional right to refuse the vaccination in order to have their religious customs and beliefs respected.

Is there a future without B-BBEE?

South Africa is limp wristed from unclear definitions and objectives that are used at different moments to drive ambiguous agendas. South Africa lacks a clear definition for transformation, and thus every other organ of change abdicates their role in shaping the country in a progressive direction.

The Basotho hat: defining human capital in an emerging market

In an emerging economy like South Africa, human capital development is central to the survival and growth of the economy. The economic system that is conducted in South Africa is a market driven capitalistic one, whose focus is on maintaining a sound financial system that is globally competitive.

We need more time Minister Patel!

The DTI has failed business in exchange for being BBBEE politically correct! The Department of Trade and Industry have shown an astonishing naivete at best and total disregard at worst for business sustainability, in not extending current BBBEE certificates for at least a year, because of COVID-19.

Racialism in law is incompatible with the Rule of Law

The Rule of Law was mostly absent during Apartheid when a system of parliamentary supremacy elevated the state's effectively absolute power above all else.


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