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The Great Book of Wholistic Wealth Secrets

By Martin Godfrey Legido

At a time when millions are set to struggle with finances due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Legido’s new book is about to throw a vital financial lifeline.

Your Wealth Starts Here: The Great Book of Wholistic Wealth Secrets’ will help anyone build financial independence with practicality and tenacity, while re-contributing to society.

The book is more important than ever, in light of the economic meltdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Seeing your finances in a whole new light

Do you want greater wealth and stability? And a better way of understanding your money worries and financial struggles? Then this book is perfect for you!

Martin Godfrey Legido draws on 30+ years as a Chartered Accountant and Entrepreneur in the business, finance and real estate industries, to bring you this easy-to-understand, practical and all-encompassing book to help you move forward with your finances, overcome your money blocks and see your financial situation (however bad it may currently be) in a whole new light.

Although Martin is a successful multi-millionaire now (as well as a practising Christian and Daoist), he came from a very frugal family, so he knows exactly what thrift looks and feels like. He, too, has been on an incredible journey which is why, in this increasingly divergent world between the super-rich and poor, he is compelled to give those at the bottom of the financial ladder a ‘leg up’ by sharing his vast expertise.

Unlike most wealth management books, Your Wealth Starts Here, is packed with simple but shrewd, actionable tips to get you out of your money rut sooner than you think. It considers how to garner wealth in a whole manner of easy ways, offers a reality check when you need it, and shows that there truly is a portion of wealth available for us all.

Financial management with the personal elements

The author fuses the practicalities of financial management with the personal elements – self-care, gratitude and positive attitude – to create a ‘Wholistic’ approach which paves the way for long-term/permanent wealth shifts.

This book covers everything to do with wealth creation, retention and distribution. From real estate and traditional investing to the importance of developing multiple streams of income and learning to be kind and give back to society – it’s a holistic approach that makes sure readers take care of things beyond their own wallet.

Even better, every strategy has been tried and tested by me, using my own risk and my own cash. The author mentors people daily and have recently become acutely aware of the need for a book like this.

Financial literacy is one of the most important topics, yet it’s something not taught in schools. My book is quickly actionable and ready to be put to use by anyone, no matter their current financial situation.

Martin has a way with words that makes this book easy to read and to understand – no jargon. I feel confident after reading that I know what to do to make a better financial future for myself… thankful for this read!

– Rhianna

A good interesting read. And a whistle stops tour introduction to many different ways to increase your wealth. With sound advice applicable to everyone.

– .C.S. Greenhouse

About the author

Martin Godfrey Legido grew up in Fulham, West London, and after attending a local primary school, went on to the London Oratory Grammar School, and from there went on to study law and finally to qualify as an accountant.

He grew up in a frugal household yet thrives today as successful Chartered Accountant and a prolific entrepreneur. What’s more, every penny he’s made has been achieved with integrity and ethics.

Martin then went on to work in the computer industry, working for two multinationals, based in five countries in three continents, gaining great international experience in marketing, finance, distribution, and how global players operate.

Always with a struggling entrepreneur inside, he went on to create three successful businesses and sell them before turning to serious property and business investment in the UK and Spain.

  • ISBN | 978-1999349714 |
  • Classification | Personal Finance, Wealth Management |

Your Wealth Starts Here: The Great Book of Wholistic Wealth Secrets’ is available here



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