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State-Run Fund an ill-considered idea, will add to economic woes

The Department of Social Development’s Green Paper on Comprehensive Social Security and Retirement Reform will, if adopted, result in the most harm for those it is ostensibly intended to benefit. We call on government to urgently reconsider any proposals that increase the state’s power over citizens’ financial affairs and urges all South Africans to resist the proposals contained in the paper.

Confidence is key to financial equality

When we think of gender inequality in the realm of money, the perennial pay gap springs to mind. It remains a problem. The 2020 Momentum/UNISA Household Financial Wellness Insights report estimates that, on average, women earn around 30% less than men in similar jobs in South Africa. 

Are one-year lease agreements a thing of the past?

Deciding which rental agreement is best for the income you want to earn on your property can be challenging for landlords. As with any successful business, your journey as a landlord should begin with a viable business plan of which your rental contract term is an essential part. 

Maximising the benefit of a tax-free investment

South Africa has one of the lowest household savings rates in the world. To encourage the culture of savings, the government introduced tax-free investment and tax-free savings accounts in 2015 to incentivise good savings habits.

Wealth tax: A bad idea

National Treasury has indicated that it will assess the viability of a future wealth tax, as it collects more data in the coming months following the recommendations of the Davis Tax Committee. South African Revenue Service (SARS) will focus on consolidating wealth data for taxpayers through third-party information, Treasury said in its 2021 budget review.

The gig economy and side hustles boost incomes in difficult times

Many people around the world are turning to the gig economy and side hustles to make ends meet, especially as the economy continues to take further knocks from the COVID-19 pandemic. Cash strapped South African consumers are taking strain from debt collectors with limited options to manoeuvre their existing budgets but very few have spotted the opportunity or potential of the gig economy.  

Only economic freedom can reverse SA’s decline in human development

South Africa’s access to healthcare and housing is 'increasingly deteriorating', according to the 2020 Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG). The IIAG assesses governance in 54 African countries based on public goods and services that citizens have a right to expect from their governments, and the responsibility of a government to deliver.

Human progress, prosperity and happiness as a consequence of economic growth

It is a reality of human nature that across all cultures all people perpetually strive to make improvements in their socioeconomic circumstances. A dream that all human beings strive to achieve. An opportunity to eradicate poverty and can come in a form of a job, education or even becoming a home-owner after an awfully long wait.

Not all debt is equal: understanding the good, the bad, and...

Over the years, debt has gotten a pretty bad rap – and often for good reason. But it’s important to remember that not all types of debt should be painted with the same brush, and that there is such a thing as good debt. Knowing the difference between good and bad debt is crucial to wealth creation.

Investment guidelines to see you through the crisis

Bouts of market volatility may be unsettling but they are an unavoidable feature of long-term investing. The important thing is to avoid making mistakes along the way. These investment guidelines hold true for any environment, but they’re particularly useful to keep in mind during times of extreme volatility.


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