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Heritage Day – tips to safeguard assets for future generations

Today is Heritage Day, and for many South Africans, this is an appropriate time to reflect on the assets that they’ve built up over years, and possibly generations. In these uncertain times, it’s important to re-evaluate the value of your assets, and to determine how best to leave a legacy.

Protecting your legacy: family trusts under the spotlight

Wealthy parents are often concerned about the preservation of their hard-earned family fortunes for their children, and rightly so: research has shown that around 70% of young heirs end up failing as custodians or stewards of the family wealth, sometimes squandering it within a few years after inheritance.

How to manage wealth given our contextual and behavioural biases

In order to survive as a species, people have evolved to be both risk averse and loss averse, to be fearful of such possibilities. But these attributes serve us poorly as investors. To be a successful investor, one needs to overcome that fear and to take calculated risks.

REPORT | Asset and wealth management revolution

Currently controlling more than US$110 trillion (more than 20 times the US federal budget), the power the asset and wealth management industry has in shaping the future is unparalleled. With global assets under management projected to grow by up to 5.6% per annum to US$147.4 trillion by 2025, it can shape a future which is better for investors, shareholders, the economy and the wider society.

Promoting entrepreneurship in the family with a family bank

It is a key objective for many wealthy families and those who own businesses to leave a legacy while encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, underpinned by the family’s core values. There are various challenges families face when transferring family offices from one generation to the next, but there are also opportunities that can protect the family’s legacy while enabling individuals to forge their own paths.

BOOK REVIEW | Virus-Proof Your Retirement

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and amidst the uncertainty, many of us look ahead and feel a little panicky: What’s going to happen to our savings and to the retirement we were looking forward to?

BOOK REVIEW | Your Wealth Starts Here

At a time when millions are set to struggle with finances due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Legido’s new book is about to throw a vital financial lifeline. ‘Your Wealth Starts Here: The Great Book of Wholistic Wealth Secrets’ will help anyone build financial independence with practicality and tenacity, while re-contributing to society.

Consult a professional financial advisor

The investment landscape has changed profoundly over the past decade, making it easier than ever for individuals to take control of their own investment portfolios. It’s a simple matter for nearly anyone to trade shares via their online banking platform, for example, or to access a range of funds and products from an online stockbroker or wealth management firm.

Is your financial advisor compliant?

An avalanche of regulations governing wealth management means that wealth managers have had to adapt their business models to remain compliant. With all the new rules and regulations in place it is important to ask your financial advisor certain questions to ensure they are compliant. 

International banking on the rise in Africa

Opportunity beckons in Africa as markets mature, incomes grow and trust in financial services increases. This is driving the need for bespoke wealth management and banking solutions which can be delivered seamlessly in any country, across the continent and offshore.


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