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Where there’s a will there’s a legacy for your loved ones

Right now, over 4.14 million people around the world have succumbed to COVID-19 - and over 84,000 of those deaths happened right here in South Africa. As we navigate a third COVID-19 wave, South Africans are starting to come to terms with their own mortality.

The commandments of digital banking for your business

The trouble with following conventional wisdom is that it is always changing. Proximity to the branch matters. Branches are closing. Multi-channel. Omni-channel. Digital first. Digital only. Mobile first. Mobile only. Friction is bad for customer experience (CX).

Protecting your legacy: family trusts under the spotlight

Wealthy parents are often concerned about the preservation of their hard-earned family fortunes for their children, and rightly so: research has shown that around 70% of young heirs end up failing as custodians or stewards of the family wealth, sometimes squandering it within a few years after inheritance.

Victims of GBV – it’s time to take back your financial...

As the world battles COVID-19, a certain number of women in South Africa are fighting what the United Nations terms the shadow pandemic: endemic gender-based violence (GBV). The government GBV and Femicide Command Centre alone recorded more than 120,000 victims in the first three weeks of lockdown last year.

Employee financial wellness key to improve productivity

Given the dire economic circumstances, coupled with ongoing challenges facing businesses, it has never been more important for employees to be prepared both from a financial and personal perspective to deal with unprecedented changes, while still maintaining focus at work.

The silent yet present black middle class

The middle class broadly has been a high level, vigorous and academic marathon in defining and diagnosing. The middle class has always been viewed as the creation of a capitalistic system, leading to defining society in terms of class and wealth.

Women must be financially independent to be fully empowered

Research shows that COVID-19 has caused women greater economic hardship than men. Women’s month is an opportunity to address larger societal issues such as equality, poverty and income security. Women must be financially independent to be fully empowered.

Breaking free from the herd: kick the tyres before you invest

The COVID-19 pandemic, much like Black Monday in 1987 and the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, has presented a number of opportunities to buy stocks at seemingly 'bargain' prices. But even if a stock seems like a steal, the infamous case of Hertz demonstrates the perils of investing for 'fear of missing out' or FOMO without first doing your homework.

BOOK REVIEW | Your Wealth Starts Here

At a time when millions are set to struggle with finances due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Legido’s new book is about to throw a vital financial lifeline. ‘Your Wealth Starts Here: The Great Book of Wholistic Wealth Secrets’ will help anyone build financial independence with practicality and tenacity, while re-contributing to society.

BOOK REVIEW | Stokvels

The South African economy has a secret weapon: stokvels. If harnessed correctly, investments in stokvels could significantly bolster the economy. The following statistics, provided by the National Stokvel Association of South Africa, are mind-blowing: at present there are 11.4 million South Africans who are members of stokvels; around R44 billion is pooled collectively by ordinary people in stokvels; and it is saved by 820,000 stokvels.


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