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Confidence is key to financial equality

When we think of gender inequality in the realm of money, the perennial pay gap springs to mind. It remains a problem. The 2020 Momentum/UNISA Household Financial Wellness Insights report estimates that, on average, women earn around 30% less than men in similar jobs in South Africa. 

SARS isn’t the only one that can tax you – take...

In his previous budget speech, Minister Mboweni mentioned a host of different taxes that the revenue man would soon be collecting from us. From personal income tax, to fuel taxes, corporate and carbon taxes – the list was long. But one tax he didn’t mention – and to his credit it is not an official tax (but I would argue it should be) – is behaviour tax.

Retirement funds as a guarantee for loans

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many individuals to significantly adjust their lifestyles. The personal finances of most South Africans have been greatly impacted by job losses, salary cuts or no bonuses/increases, so much so that their livelihood have taken a significant knock.

Couple’s guide to managing finances effectively

The subject of 'finances' may seem as though it’s the antithesis of romance, as we all know that financial problems can act to the detriment of relationships. But working to manage your finances effectively together is often vital to building and maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with your significant other, and can even bring couples closer together.

Keeping a socially connected yet happy, and engaged workforce

How companies treat their people during the COVID-19 pandemic will define the type of employer they are. And how they adjust their human capital management strategies in response to the pandemic will impact employee loyalty, motivation, and satisfaction, which in turn impacts customer satisfaction.

Understanding debt consolidation: benefits and pitfalls

With the lockdown period having significant ramifications on personal finances, many consumers are asking about available options to assist in better managing their money. One option is debt consolidation, which in the right circumstances can improve current cash flows and save costs.

BOOK REVIEW | Your Wealth Starts Here

At a time when millions are set to struggle with finances due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Legido’s new book is about to throw a vital financial lifeline. ‘Your Wealth Starts Here: The Great Book of Wholistic Wealth Secrets’ will help anyone build financial independence with practicality and tenacity, while re-contributing to society.

BOOK REVIEW | Financial Freedom Through Property

A step-by-step, practical guide on how to purchase your first investment property, written in easy-to-understand, conversational language that explains complex concepts simply. Most people believe that property is a great investment, but that in order to get into property you need money, contacts and experience.

COVID-19: practical tips for dealing with financial uncertainty

Travel bans, lockdown, working from home and avoiding public spaces have suddenly become the new normal, and you may be feeling unsettled and anxious as the coronavirus crisis wreaks havoc on our everyday activities and routines.

BOOK REVIEW | The Savvy Investor’s Pocket Guide

The Savvy Investor’s Pocket Guide is a self-improvement guide that identifies the common mistakes people make when dealing with their finances and sets out how to rectify them. It highlights how one can achieve financial independence by cutting back on some expenses, like luxury cars, and the benefits of starting to save as young as possible.


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