by Donna Rachelson

Women are occupying more senior positions in the world of work than ever before, but in many respects the workplace is still a man’s world, run according to men’s rules. This book cuts through the softer issues that are often characteristic of books aimed at women.

There are significant disparities in the way men and women are treated, as well as the way they advance up the corporate ladder.

  • The private sector pay gap in South Africa means that women earn in a full year what men earn in eight months.
  • The percentage of working women in senior management positions in South Africa has been static at 26 – 28% for the last seven years.
  • Only 15% of women are board members.
  • Only 9% of JSE listed companies have 25% or more women directors.

In this book, Play to Win: What women can learn from men in business, author Donna Rachelson (a businesswoman, branding and marketing specialist and well known speaker) gets to grips with “the rules” and shows women how to work with them to advance their careers, while still celebrating the strengths that women often inherently possess in the workplace.

The book focuses on nine lessons and offers practical tips about how to get noticed, how to take more risks, how to network effectively and how to successfully beat the imposter syndrome.

Lesson #1: Business is a game
Lesson #2: It’s not personal
Lesson #3: Don’t wait to get noticed
Lesson #4: Ditch the small, incremental moves
Lesson #5: Ask, don’t hint
Lesson #6: Focus on results and deliverables
Lesson #7: Say it! (It doesn’t have to be 100%)
Lesson #8: Work your network like a man
Lesson #9: Fake it till you are it

In South Africa, the book is published by BrandingandmarketingYOU Publications. It is available at all fine South African bookstores.The ebook is available on Kindle and iBooks.Available for purchase from Amazon and www.donnarachelson.com



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