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Navigating tax deductions – lessons from the Unitrans case

The Gauteng High Court recently dismissed the appeal of Unitrans Holdings (Unitrans) against the Tax Court judgment which had denied a tax deduction for interest incurred. The court found that the interest incurred was not closely connected to Unitrans’ business operations as an investment holding company and that the purpose of the interest was not to produce income but to further the interests of the subsidiaries.

Opening a second business location – steps to expansion

The prospect of expanding your business to a second location might be an enticing opportunity for growth. But it’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Careful planning, critical analysis, and data-informed execution are essential to ensuring your new location’s success.

BOOK REVIEW | The Six Disciplines of Strategic Thinking

The ultimate guide to strategic thinking by Michael Watkins, internationally bestselling author and leading expert on strategy.

From crisis to transformation – the future of learning

It MIGHT be trite, but the world is a very different place to what it was three years ago before the advent of the...

Optimising post-signature contract management

No business is an island, every company in the world depends on a delicate network of relationships with customers, suppliers, service providers, employees, contractors and other entities and people to run its operations. In most cases, these business relationships are governed by legal contracts that outline the obligations and entitlements of each party.

BOOK REVIEW | Ubuntu Coaching and Connection Practices for Leader-Managers

Welcome to a guidebook for managers and leaders navigating the challenges of our evolving world. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the global, unpredictable, and intense nature of our surroundings, necessitating both resilience and sensitivity.

Stokvels show resilience despite tough economy

As a testament to the resilience and dedication of South African stokvel savers, we reveal that its customers' stokvel net deposits have increased by 42%. Since November 2019, our stokvel customers have continually increased saving via a stokvel surpassing the R8.3 billion mark in total member contributions.

Workplace rebellions can wreak havoc

Workplace rebellion can bring the company to its knees. The most typical form of rebellion known in South Africa is industrial action. Such rebellion...


Enthralling leadership secrets from another age, another empire… Prof Phinda Madi’s journey into the rich heritage of Africa’s history unearths the dramatic truth of the markable leader’s victories and ultimate defeat. Shaka’s story is heroic and inspiring.

The skills needed to future-proof South Africa’s workers

Equipping and re-equipping professionals with the insights they need to stay relevant in their professions is no simple task. The rapid speed at which technology is advancing can be terrifying for many people, as just as they have become used to a certain way of doing things, they need to be retrained.


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