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BOOK REVIEW | The Poetic Journey Of Self-Leadership

Everyone is on a journey of growth, from birth to death. The authors used their research data, to tap into the vital stages of this journey of growth from a psychological growth perspective. They linked the stages of psychological growth to self-leadership development.

What the new world of work might look like

In this insightful video, I give my views on what the new world of work could look like. I discuss issues like policies that are currently being changed or created to accommodate the trends that we are starting to see and I offer advice on how companies can ensure that they are appropriately prepared for the new world of work.

The Age of Relevance and why innovation holds the key

Innovation as a management discipline and its application in everyday work life has become synonymous with growth and sustainability. As advocated by innovation guru Gary Hamel since mid- 2000, there is a good understanding that Innovation in management principles and processes can create long-lasting advantage and produce dramatic shifts in competitive position.

The essence of women leadership – lessons from the top

The unique perspective and benefits that women leaders bring to the businesses, communities and countries that they head is well-known. There is a growing body of research showcasing the evidence of these advantages: from better market share, to lower levels of job stress, burnout, anxiety and depression, and even better handling of the outbreak of the pandemic.

How to shift to a purpose-driven business

Many entrepreneurs started their businesses with the vision of making a difference in the world. They defined their purpose early on, and very often it wasn’t just about making a profit. However, as businesses mature and new leadership steps in their sense of purpose is lost and they exist purely for the bottom line (profit).

The need to lead the leaders – 3 C’s plus 1

You may as well rip up your ‘terms of employment’ because COVID-19 has taken us back to the drawing board. The pandemic has forced us to completely re-evaluate the concept of a ‘9 to 5’ and being in the office on a daily basis.

BOOK REVIEW | Leadership: The Exponential Effect

This book is a well-researched principle-based book that explores the relationship between self-leadership (leading me),leading others (leading them), leading teams (leading us) and leading for results (developing solutions). Leadership: The Exponential Effect is a cumulative expression of 25 years’ experience working in the areas of leadership development in more than 80 countries.

The era of feminine leadership has arrived

COVID-19 has placed demands on people and organisations in almost all aspects of their daily lives. From going online (transforming digitally) to working remotely, and - perhaps most critically - demanding a change in consciousness from leaders across the globe.

BOOK REVIEW | Competitive Edge

Winners find a way to win. Who better to learn from, on how to be successful, than those who’ve reached the top of their game and stayed there. Using sport as a prism, this book is for people who want to make changes in their personal and professional lives in order to beat the opposition and take home the gold.

Leadership in a time of COVID-19

Much has been written about the uniqueness of 2020 and all the changes and uncertainties that have come with it. What started as a localised and isolated health scare, very soon spread to a global pandemic. Despite fatality numbers being relatively modest as pandemics go, the uncertainty about the disease, and its transmission and propagation, caused an extreme leadership response.


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