2015 has been a particularly challenging one for companies across the world. The collapsing oil price, Chinese economic weakness and wildly fluctuating currencies have made it difficult for company executives to create reasonable, workable strategies. After all, if you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, how can you plan for next year and beyond?

This is why David Silverstein’s book, Three Steps Ahead, is a must read for business executives. In it Silverstein explores the philosophy that “If we don’t think three steps ahead, we forfeit the opportunity to manage the future.” In the book, David poses the questions, “How can we anticipate something unintended or unprecedented? How can we predict the thing that no one ever expected to happen? How can we navigate the law of unintended consequences?”

The book goes way beyond just posing difficult questions, however. David explores the reasons behind why unintended consequences happen when corporates make certain decisions; he looks at ways of estimating the likelihood of what can go awry in a given situation, and finally he offers businesses tools and techniques for anticipating and managing unintended consequences.

David Silverstein’s Three Steps Ahead is an important addition to the body of thought that explores how business can cope in an environment of ever-increasing complexity and unpredictability.

by David Silverstein

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