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The price of populism? – the rule of law, economic freedom...

The results are in. The African National Congress has attained 40% of the vote, the Democratic Alliance (DA) 21%, uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) 14%, and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) 9%. It is clear that some of these parties enjoy too much support in the context of a country that claims to be a constitutional state that prioritises the rule of law and which requires massive foreign and domestic private investment.

Deposit insurance could disrupt SA banking dramatically

The Corporation for Deposit Insurance (CODI) finally aligns South Africa with the rest of the G20. By guaranteeing cash deposits of up to R100,000 per qualifying depositor in the event of a bank collapse, this innovative new scheme has the potential to change South Africa’s banking landscape, which is currently dominated by the Big Five (FNB, Nedbank, Standard, Absa and Capitec).

Middle East conflict & market responses

Following the events of October last year, the situation in the Middle East has become increasingly volatile. In April, Israeli forces attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus, killing most of the Quds Force leadership. The Quds Force is part of the Iranian National Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), which deals with Iran’s overseas activities and its relationships with its proxy forces in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

BUDGET 2024 – an overview

Committing to maintaining sustainable public finances proves to be challenging amidst a geopolitically tense global environment, less favourable growth in the global economy, and persistent energy and logistics obstacles locally. These factors collectively jeopardise government revenue growth, widen the budget deficit, and increase the country's debt ratio.

The state is not an employer!

Election season is coming up soon in South Africa, and those with governmental power have started promising jobs to the millions who are unemployed. Yet anyone who has an inkling of economic knowledge would know that the politicians are writing cheques with their mouths, and that they will be unable to cash their actions.

A hegemon crumbles! – will the ANC survive after decades of...

The African National Congress (ANC) is imploding. The productive energies of private enterprise have long been suppressed under the party’s hegemonic rule. Policy uncertainty, and simply bad policy, has kept South Africa back from fulfilling its full economic potential.

BusinessBrief April/May 2023 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled A hegemon crumbles! - will the ANC survive after decades of parasitic policies? by Martin van Staden, Deputy Head of Policy Research, South African Institute of Race Relations, plus a host of other topical management articles written by professionals, consultants and academics in the April/May 2023 edition.

Nedbank Group Limited – Annual Results 31 December 2022

Strong revenue growth enabled headline earnings growth of 20% to R14bn, an increase in ROE to 14% and a CET1 ratio of 14%

Is South Africa likely to experience recession in 2023?

As South Africa’s electricity crisis worsens, accompanied by increased interest rates, food and petrol prices, the country's potential to enter a recession rises exponentially. As most economists have noted, South Africa presently falls short on both micro and macroeconomic benchmarks, from exports and imports to infrastructure development and ballooning interest rates.

South Africa’s Risks and Opportunities in 2023

2023 is poised to be a year of accelerated change in and for South Africa. As the country heads toward a general election in 2024, a sea-change is on the cards. The African National Congress (ANC) are by all accounts on the point of obtaining below 50% at the voting booth; some estimates have the party even under 45%.


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