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Artificial Intelligence, freedom of expression and the press

A free press or media has an important role to play in democracies as it is responsible for gathering and distributing the information that citizens use to decide how they are going to vote. They then have the further responsibility to monitor and hold those in power accountable.

e-Commerce – South Africa’s new frontier

The rise of e-commerce in the country over the past year may have been driven by the pandemic, but it was long overdue. It is worth noting that South Africa was arguably too slow in initially adopting e-commerce, chiefly because it appeared focused on the niche upper end of the market. Thus, many retailers did not view it as a necessity.

Firms must guide insurance customers to safety and well-being

Insurance is a mature and historically stable industry, operating on established, reliable business strategies and methods. However, when digital technology really began to take hold with consumers, it upended traditional insurance models.

Technology insights for 2021

Based on our 2020 experience, new year predictions may seem like a game of make-believe. But predictions are one thing, trends are another. We share technology insights into 2021 based on emerging trends. COVID-19 shocked all businesses last year. However, enterprises are becoming used to the new normal and digitisation should return to previous levels of growth in 2021.

Ways in which customer communication changed in 2020

All of us have witnessed immeasurable changes in 2020, with disruptions to the way we live our lives and do business. Customer communication is no exception. While business was already embracing digital, COVID-19 only accelerated this transformation. 

Brand evolution: how to keep it authentic

The role of brands in society is constantly shifting, but they’re becoming an ever more important part of our lives. This article explores holistic brand building and how to stay true to your principles as you evolve. The role that brands play in society has changed dramatically over the decades.

Future-proofing trust in the fast-growing data economy

To leverage data and automated communications, marketers have to embrace responsible personalisation. With consumers and businesses alike becoming ever more dependent on digital products, services and partnerships, our digital footprints are growing exponentially.

How is data helping small businesses grow?

With the Digital Revolution in full swing, data is to business what oxygen is to mankind. It is a crucial resource – one that enables companies, especially smaller ventures, to make better business decisions, grow their customer base, keep their competitive edge and secure funding.

Enhancing customer experience with automation

Customer experience is a growing priority for organisations, as it should be as it is becoming the most critical factor for customers selecting your brand over another. As such companies need to implement measures to meet customer expectations and deliver consistent customer experiences at every customer touchpoint.

Surviving the Digital App-ocalypse 

The modern smartphone user has an average of 35 mobile applications installed on their devices. However, only 5 of these are used most often, and many of them are removed after the first use. It seems like a paradox: people are sick of downloading apps, but apps are more popular than ever.


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