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We have released a 32-page white paper, detailing the rise and impact of digital health – a sector which is projected to evolve into a trillion-dollar global market by 2030.

This is a first in a series of five reports aimed at covering the breadth of the digital healthcare sector.

Report summary

The disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed underlying supply, efficiency and accessibility constraints that have historically plagued the healthcare sector.

The resulting domino effect has forced healthcare systems across the globe to:

  • take stock of the failings within the traditional face-to-face, brick and mortar, health model; and in doing so
  • prioritise digital transformation by accelerating widespread digital health adoption by as much as five years.

This in turn has driven global digital health funding to record highs – attracting $22 billion in 2020. This support is seeding a new generation of tech-enabled healthcare services, which are laying the foundation for a digitally connected ecosystem, that will leverage big data, virtual delivery, and process automation to democratise access to healthcare.

However, the journey towards a fully transformed digital health ecosystem, will take time. At a global level, healthcare expenditure hit $8.3 trillion in 2020 – making it the fourth largest component of global GDP. That same year, the digital health market generated ~$200 billion in revenue – equating to a sector digitalisation rate of less than 3%.

Topics covered

The low level of digitalisation within the global healthcare sector provides for immense opportunity for investors. By 2030, the global digital health market is projected to exceed a trillion dollars, indicating a market growth rate of 18% CAGR (2021 to 2030).

Key Topics Covered in the report:

  • The current state and pace of digital transformation in healthcare
  • Structural bottlenecks with the traditional healthcare model
  • Major hurdles to wider digital adoption
  • The evolutionary path to digital health
  • Sizing up the market opportunity: Market Size & growth forecasts to 2030
  • What are the major growth opportunities within digital health
  • Key technologies disrupting healthcare
  • Market Map and key players: Digital Health
  • Investment activity: notable listings, M&A activity, and VC funding.

Download a free copy of the full report here.



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