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Combating fraud in the digital world with the support of AI

Traditionally, cybersecurity entailed a reactive approach where organisations used learnings from previous compromises to improve their defences. With technology evolving and people embracing the likes of mobile wallets, banking apps, and other solutions to manage transactions, businesses must rethink how best to bolster anti-fraud mechanisms. The answer lies in artificial intelligence (AI).

International Payments – Go Digital

As digitalisation fast forwards and people reach out for convenient digital experiences, Standard Bank has focused on delivering solutions that meet client needs and improve their client experience. Their digital International Payment Solutions are an example of how they provide convenience and give clients control over their International Payments.   

Democratising application development with low-code platforms

With COVID-19 accelerating the digital transformation of businesses, many organisations were forced to adopt a work-from-home strategy, and customers began to increasingly purchase goods and services online. The outbreak highlighted the critical nature of software and its impact on people's lives, both professionally and personally.

A TDS assessment will save time and money

Every year, organisations produce, manage and store billions of documents, yet little time is spent on finding ways to streamline workflow and eliminate the day-to-day inefficiencies that are slowing businesses down and costing them money.

Containers key for modern business innovation

Cloud-native technologies have become fundamental in helping enterprises drive innovation faster than before. The likes of Kubernetes, Docker, and serverless functions are the central building blocks when it comes to how applications are created and deployed, regardless of whether it is for a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment.

An omnichannel strategy is key for retailers to boost sales

As consumer behaviour continues to change due to the impact the global COVID-19 pandemic has had both on business and individuals – retailers are increasingly having to position themselves to provide omnichannel services that can meet these evolving digital consumer expectations.

Harnessing 5G for SA – the benefits and challenges

Fifth-generation (5G) wireless broadband is no longer a future technology - it’s here and is already available in limited key metropolitan areas in South Africa. The country, with its limited internet access and infrastructure, high data costs and ailing economy, can benefit in multiple ways from 5G.

Building better with literacy

Literacy, the ability to read and to write, enables prosperity. Yet at least 773 million young people and adults lack basic literacy skills. As technology evolves, users who lack the foundation of learning and education will not reap the benefits of the ongoing digital transformation.

Financial institutions need to pursue their own path to the cloud

Cloud adoption, including hybrid and multi-cloud adoption is expanding fast among both private and public sector organisations of all sizes. At the enterprise level, we estimate that two-thirds of companies globally already use multiple clouds.

REPORT | The rise and impact of digital health

We have released a 32-page white paper, detailing the rise and impact of digital health – a sector which is projected to evolve into a trillion-dollar global market by 2030. This is a first in a series of five reports aimed at covering the breadth of the digital healthcare sector.


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