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Smart-track, don’t fast-track business survival

There are plenty of gags out there about how the main driver to fast-tracking digital transformation in business has been COVID-19, rather than the CTO – and , sadly, they’re largely true. The necessity of shifting the majority of global office workforces to a ‘work-from-home’ scenario almost overnight has seen a huge shift in the way businesses function – and forced those who weren’t embracing digital to do so, in a hurry.

A roadmap to enable data driven decision-making

Mid-size enterprises are at a crossroads. To innovate and thrive in the current economy, they need to be able to rely on sound data management. But data storage solutions can be costly. It’s tough right now for businesses to find a silver lining amid the unprecedented social and economic upheaval. But as with any mega-world event, the current situation also presents opportunities that were not previously planned.

COVID-19: The rebirth of creativity – the time is now

The world has changed. While some aspects of life will return to its former state before COVID-19, much will not be the same again. Brands and agencies alike need to think differently and design communications strategies that now factor in the use of digital, purpose-led campaigns, and in-home consumption vs out-of-home consumption, in essence the rebirth of creativity in a post-pandemic world.

Short-term insurance: race to digital transformation intensifies

We have released the latest 2019 South African Customer Satisfaction Index for Short-Term Insurance. There is a fallacy across many businesses that digital transformation and customer experience and satisfaction are interchangeable. They are not. 

COVID-19 pandemic: what the crisis means for IT

Renewed emphasis on digitalisation as a key strategy for sustainability is placing pressure on CIOs to ensure corporate systems are resilient. One certainty that has emerged from the COVID-19 crisis is that organisations embarking on digitalisation were better prepared to respond to the crisis.

Virtual collaboration tech platforms – business as usual?

Business is looking anything but usual for many organisations, large and small. The national lockdown, a decisive strategy to flatten the spread of the COVID-19 virus, is causing leadership and employees to rapidly consider virtual communication strategies for employees who are able to continue with business while working from home.

Continuous innovation: setting business apart in the post-digital era

Businesses will have to embed innovation in their DNA to future-proof their operations for the unparalleled pace of technological change in what we refer to in our Tech Vision 2020 as the post-digital era. In the past, businesses with a unique asset could enjoy a competitive advantage and sweat that asset for ten, twenty or even thirty years before their competitors caught on.

Tech trends that will transform the way we live and work

People’s love for technology has let businesses weave it, and themselves, into our lives, transforming how we work live and interact in this new world which we are referring to – in our Tech Vision 2020 – as the 'post-digital era'. But now we are being held back.

BOOK REVIEW | Human Centric

Never before have we had so much information so readily available at our fingertips and there is no doubt that acceleration of innovation and the velocity of disruption underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution are having a major impact on businesses.

Shifting from cybersecurity to cyber resilience

Nature is inherently designed for resilience. The way trees are designed to bend but not break under the weight of high winds, storms, and snow, how they automatically renew and heal each season – we can learn a lot about resilience from nature and it is time for organisations to take a similar approach to cybersecurity.



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