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Internet of Things (IoT) security concerns may hamper growth

Businesses are, for a large part, uninformed and risk averse towards securing IoT. Enterprise, industrial and commercial IoT is a sticking point for business, particularly in South Africa, where boards of directors and senior executives are not yet knowledgeable about the benefits. This causes them to be exceptionally averse to risk, but this is changing as younger and more informed ‘tech-savvy’ executives are being appointed to boards.

NEW I Storage for the digital age

We have all heard the statistic about 90% of the world’s data having been generated in the last two years alone. However, the detail behind this data explosion is bordering on unbelievable.

Oil and Gas digitisation taps opportunity?

Advanced digital technologies present new opportunities for oil and gas companies: to cut costs, unleash new innovation, and prepare them for the growing trend towards renewable energy.

AI capable of doubling SA’s growth?

As most global markets experience growth, South Africa remains in an economic quagmire. Due to credit rating downgrades, a volatile currency, and lower contributions to GDP from the country's major economic spinners – the agriculture, manufacturing, and mining sectors – the country is experiencing stubbornly high unemployment and anaemic economic growth.

ITSM – faster, better and cheaper with Big Data and Machine...

A Gartner study poses that, “By 2019, IT service desks utilising machine learning enhanced technologies will free up to 30% of support capacity.” In addition the features, that machine learning introduce, will also add a tier of intelligent automation to traditional IT service desks. This will aid decision-making, enhancing staff productivity and opening up a level of smarter self-service for the end user.

Big data for human behavior

Hulya Balikci | Online Reputation Manager | NATIVE VML| hulya.balikci@native.co.za | www.vml.com |“Big Data” has became a popular term recently and it refers to the huge...

Are data governance regulations a challenge or an opportunity?

When Tim Berners-Lee declared data to be the “new raw material of the 21st century” back in 2011, he was perfectly describing the direction many economies were heading in - from industry to insights and intelligence.But in the six years since, data has defied the economic principles that many commodities adhere to: unlike other raw materials, the more plentiful the data the more valuable it becomes. It is coveted like precious metals and valued accordingly for its power to drive the insights that help transform businesses.

The POPI poser of data protection vs mining?

The office of the Information Regulator is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2017. From then, organisations will have just 12...

Airports taking to the cloud?

Airports are hives of activity, a-buzz 24-hours a day with travellers, staff and other patrons.To give an idea of how busy airports get,...

Redefining the legal profession

The legal profession is at a crossroads, facing both technological and business model disruption.The way in which our clients currently, and will in...
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