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You may as well rip up your ‘terms of employment’ because COVID-19 has taken us back to the drawing board. The pandemic has forced us to completely re-evaluate the concept of a ‘9 to 5’ and being in the office on a daily basis.

It’s safe to say that remote working isn’t going anywhere. More and more organisations are adopting a flexible working model for the long term and, while many employees have embraced it, many have also struggled. From working parents fighting to balance deadlines with childcare, to employees working around the clock and not being able to ‘switch off’, there doesn’t seem to be a one-size-fits-all approach.

This corporate seesaw has left employees across the globe with bouts of stress and anxiety. As such, leaders must find the right balance for their organisations in order to protect the wellbeing of their teams. In fact, studies have shown that employees with a stable and secure working experience report a positive increase in efficiency, which is ultimately the goal for any People Leader.

One thing became exceptionally clear during the height of the pandemic: the need for strong leadership in times of drastic change. Amid increased uncertainty and instability, it was more important than ever for organisations to take a compassionate, and dare I say, personal approach to leadership. So, as we enter into an era of which conventional workplace paradigms no longer apply, how are leaders able to effectively navigate this novel working world?

Courage, compassion and communication


Courage is an element that leaders have always required an abundance of, from daily decisions on fine margins to creating and implementing a broad corporate vision. The courage needed now from leaders can have even bigger impacts in times of uncertainty. Employees are looking to the top for direction, a vision and a plan, to guide them through and out of this situation.


Compassion has

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