Tech 2021 | If the universe has the answers – what are the questions?


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In Elon Musk’s words, “…if we expand the scope and scale of consciousness, then we are better able to understand what questions to ask”. In all predictions of what technology will bring us in 2021 and beyond, one must ask the right questions and not just focus on the shiny new things.

The right questions often lead to complicated explanations as we live in a world of such advanced technologies that to people from as recently as a hundred years ago, we are practically magicians. I have always believed that technology will transform society for all the good that can bring. However, as ever in life, good always brings bad, but the choices remain ours.

The critical question we must ask regarding technology, ‘is it making things better for society? And the answer, while complicated, is a resounding yes.

The past years’ broad trends leading to all sorts of world-changing innovations remain communication, data, and digital transformation. The lens through which one must ask questions and solve problems is, for the most part, focused on the role of these trends.

The question on data & driving

Elon Musk predicts that fully autonomous driving will come to a city near you in 2021. The truth is that it already has.

Many auto manufacturers are now ready to unleash fully autonomous self-driving cars on us. Tesla takes this to the next level. Musk has questioned the basis of ownership of an asset that only takes you to work and home once a day, and then sits for around unproductively for another 20 hours or so in a garage. Imagine if this car became a robot taxi and is used to autonomously work for you, shuttling people around, while you work or sit at home.

The convergence of technologies such as massive computing power connected sensors, apps, data, and mobile communication, make the concept of an Uber in every home eminently possible. The challenge for 2021 is that

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