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Your journey to the cloud

Migrating to the cloud is no longer the complex process it once was. Thanks to the evolution of technology, moving from an on-premise environment can be done much more efficiently than before. Even attitudes towards this strategic shift have changed.

REVIEW: LucidView Enforcer – clean, safe internet in a box

The Internet offers massive potential for knowledge-sharing, education, entertainment and human interaction. However, the Internet also has a potential for danger, including ransomware and malware as well as other risky activity such as piracy, illegal gambling and pornography.

Blocking vs allowing employees content consumption

Andrew Wilson | CEO | LucidView | andreww@lucidview.net | http://www.lucidview.net |
Talk of monitoring and blocking employee access to certain types of Internet content might sound like draconian management measures. After all, we’re all adults in the workplace and we shouldn’t need to be told what we can and can’t look at on the Internet, right? Not exactly. There are many reasons why...

Digital Disruption: Friend or Foe?

Jarred Cinman | Managing Director | NATIVE VML | jarred@native.co.za | www.vml.com | Digital Disruption - or technological innovation (depending on your perspective) - is...

REVIEW: Fritzbox 4040 Router

The German group called AVM have long made high-end routers for ADSL and Fibre and have released the latest in their line of Fritzbox...

Sustainability, Education and Digital Disruption

The digital disruption world is upon us and it’s going to take away a lot of traditional employment. It is going to force us...

5G will bring IoT to Life

By now, many of us have heard about the Internet of Things - the trend that sees sensors and Internet connectivity embedded into just...

Africa’s 4th Industrial Revolution infrastructure needs?

The 4th industrial revolution ushers in the era of data & analytics (D&A), the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, cognitive computing and artificial...

What the future of digital holds for retail banking

Banks set to lose the ‘offer’ as digital disruption continues to transform industry. Banks are finding it increasingly difficult to reach and ensure value to...

Pillars for your cyber defense?

Is your security compromising the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your business? Cybercrime is on the rise, affecting vulnerable businesses across the globe. The effects of...
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