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Tech 2021 | If the universe has the answers – what...

In Elon Musk's words, "…if we expand the scope and scale of consciousness, then we are better able to understand what questions to ask". In all predictions of what technology will bring us in 2021 and beyond, one must ask the right questions and not just focus on the shiny new things.

Navigating the sharing economy – first comes disruption, then comes regulation!

Although the benefits derived from a sharing economy are substantial, there are some clear legal challenges which might warrant the imposition of restrictions on how these platforms are allowed to operate.

The sharing economy – Labour Law unintended consequences

The sharing economy (i.e. the community based on-line market) continues to expand at a rapid pace throughout a broad range of industries with Uber and Taxify dominating the taxi/ private vehicle hiring industry and Airbnb now the largest hotel accommodation and hospitality service in the world.

Busting business travel myths

With the rise in digital nomads and travelpreneurs, it’s business as usual, whether you’re sitting at your desk, or 30 000 feet up in the air. Business no longer keeps office hours and if you’re a business owner or director, chances are you’re conducting business in a noisy coffee shop or in the waiting lounge of an airport.

Your Uber rights?

When you sign up for the Uber app you get the right to use Uber’s mobile application or website to arrange and schedule transportation or delivery services. Uber does not provide transportation nor logistical services as a carrier of people or goods. That relationship is between you and the Uber driver or owner.

Organisation Design for Uber Times

“Doing business in Uber times” has become a metaphor for doing business in a digital world of algorithms, automation, artificial intelligence and non-stop disruption....

Your brand in a digital world – more useful, more relevant?

Imagine you are going for a weekend away…you’ve Googled how to get there and what to do, you’ve Uber’d a car to the airport...


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