Your Uber rights?


When you sign up for the Uber app you get the right to use Uber’s mobile application or website to arrange and schedule transportation or delivery services.

Uber does not provide transportation nor logistical services as a carrier of people or goods. That relationship is between you and the Uber driver or owner.

T & C’s

When you get the app, you must agree to the terms and conditions on the Uber website which will take you a lot longer to read than it takes for the car to arrive.

Read their terms when you sign up. You will learn that the carriage relationship is between you and the Uber driver. Uber is not responsible nor liable for the actions or inactions of you or the driver. If the driver has an accident because of negligence on their part, your claim is not against Uber but against the driver and owner of the vehicle. They are obliged to have insurance to cover your damages. But unless you have got time to insist on and read their insurance policy before you get into the vehicle, you will never know.

Injury or loss

If you are injured or your Uber …

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