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Deepfakes & legal evidence – how will the quest for authenticity...

In a 1745 English judgment Lord Hardwicke stated, “The judges and sages of the law have laid it down that there is but one...

BusinessBrief April/May 2024 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled Deepfakes & legal evidence – how will the quest for authenticity be navigated? by Patrick Bracher, Director, and...

Contract’s sanctity must balance with dignity & equality principles

The applicant was the registered owner of commercial property. On 04 November 2021, the owner of commercial property cancelled the lease agreement and later changed the locks on the premises after placing the lessee on terms for arrear rentals.

Mineral and Upstream Petroleum Law in 2023

The past year has seen various developments in mineral and upstream petroleum law in South Africa which should be considered ahead of Mining Indaba 2024.

South Africa faces hard negotiations at COP28

  Tina Costas | Director | Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa | mail me |                 James Ross | Senior Associate | Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa...

A contractual non-variation clause means just that

The Supreme Court of Appeal has reaffirmed that if a written contract provides that any variation of its terms must be in writing, any purported variation by the parties which is not in writing will be void. Trying to get around the non-variation clause by relying on estoppel was not successful.

To stand or not to stand – a case of legal...

A claim  in the case of Joubert and Others v Louw (CIV APP RC 08/2022) [2023] ZANWHC 102 (22 June 2023) was dismissed by the High Court on the grounds that the respondent lacked the requisite legal standing to litigate on behalf of her husband who was the party to the contract sued on.

Section 35 of COIDA – Liability Insurance

This Supreme Court of Appeal judgment, Churchill v Premier, Mpumalanga (889/2019) [2021] ZASCA 16 (4 March 2021), dealt with the case of the plaintiff who was mistreated and injured in the course of a protest by trade union members on premises where she was employed.

If you copy and paste or chat to AI acknowledge your...

In a recent finding by the CCMA the Commission upheld the dismissal of a university senior academic who had copied and pasted blocks of borrowed material into a published article without acknowledging the sources.

A forklift is a motor vehicle as defined in the Road...

The Supreme Court of Appeal held in June 2023 that a forklift is not a motor vehicle as defined in the Road Accident Fund Act of 1996 which defines a ‘motor vehicle’ as “any vehicle designed or adopted for propulsion or haulage on a road by means of fuel, gas or electricity …”.


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