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African Bank aims for 2.5 million customers

The lender will compete with a number of new digital banks as it expands its customer base to income include more middle-income clients.

It’s all about the customer journey

Modern businesses now have many more channels through which they can interact with their customers. However, this requires a major effort from the entire company. When all these channels work together perfectly, the result is a perfect customer experience (CX).

Big data for human behavior

Hulya Balikci | Online Reputation Manager | NATIVE VML| hulya.balikci@native.co.za | www.vml.com | “Big Data” has became a popular term recently and it refers to the huge...

Capturing the Generation Z opportunity?

Rachel Thompson | Insights Director | GfK South Africa | rachel.thompson@gfk.com | www.gfk.com/en-za/ | South Africa has a youthful population, with more than 66% of...

Digital Disruption: Friend or Foe?

Jarred Cinman | Managing Director | NATIVE VML | jarred@native.co.za | www.vml.com | Digital Disruption - or technological innovation (depending on your perspective) - is...

Digital success is about evolution rather than revolution

Many C-suite executives break out in a cold sweat when they hear the phrase ‘digital transformation’ because it brings to mind massive business process...

Balancing shareholder and customer needs

Business leaders often struggle to find a balance between protecting commercial interests and adhering to the principles of good business ethics. Following the recent spate...

South African Brands Beat Unstable Conditions

Every year, leading brand and branded business valuation consultancy, Brand Finance puts thousands of the top brands to test. These brands are valued to...

What the future of digital holds for retail banking

Banks set to lose the ‘offer’ as digital disruption continues to transform industry. Banks are finding it increasingly difficult to reach and ensure value to...

Gatekeepers make the worst brand builders!

In a highly fragmented world the consumer is looking for simplicity and navigable signs to know which brands to transact with and which to...
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