The 3 A’s to becoming a trusted advisor


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As a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) there is a certain intangible skill set which separates the great from the good. If you can move from simply the numbers and compliance person to a key part of the advisory process, you will not only enjoy the best roles in finance, but you will also take the greatest pleasure from the work you do.

When our team of CFOs get together, we spend a lot of time on this subject discussing how we build closer relationships between our CFOs and the leadership teams and boards they work with.

We recently hosted motivational speaker Phil Hesketh and he spoke about the “3 A’s” highlighting where CFOs should focus their attention to become trusted advisors.

Ability, Availability & Affability

The first area of focus is “Ability” – the world of finance has become increasingly complex, and you need to bring together a combination of both qualifications (CA(SA), CIMA, CFA, etc.), sectoral experience and most importantly leadership skills.

The second is “Availability”. While the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of remote working has allowed CFOs access to a variety of exciting new opportunities outside of their traditional methods of working, it is far harder to establish trust through a computer screen.

The third is

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