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BOOK REVIEW | Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies

Ten days. Eight suspects. Six cities. Five authors. Three bodies. One trip to die for. Eleanor Dash, bestselling author of the Vacation Mysteries series, is on a book tour along the gorgeous Amalfi Coast when life starts imitating art as her ex-boyfriend (and book protagonist) Connor Smith is targeted by a killer.

The 3 A’s to becoming a trusted advisor

As a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) there is a certain intangible skill set which separates the great from the good. If you can move from simply the numbers and compliance person to a key part of the advisory process, you will not only enjoy the best roles in finance, but you will also take the greatest pleasure from the work you do.

Self-taught vs studying design

Whether you succeed or fail in the world of design has little to do with whether you went to university, college or neither. It has to do with you, the person behind the design and the decisions you make on your journey to success. Being a great designer is all about the individual, their work ethic, the portfolio they build and very importantly, their love for design.

The most common pitfalls to avoid when putting together a CV

For those on the job hunt, your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is more than just a document. It represents a ticket to your next career milestone. However, even the most experienced professionals can stumble when it comes to preparing or updating their CVs.

Change Management – a core competency for leaders?

Ntombizone Feni | Executive Director | 21st Century | mail me | How often do we find ourselves grappling with the need for a keen...

Bridging disparities – government must prioritise AI in education

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been comprehensively embraced in the private sector in South Africa in less than a year, but more must be done to ensure that the public sector – and especially students in public schools and universities – are also empowered and prepared for the future world of work.

BOOK REVIEW | Tracker Manual

Featuring all-new spoor drawings, some 200 new photographs and an extra 35 species, this fully revised and updated edition of the ever-popular Tracker Manual is packed with the latest on the art of tracking. Based on information developed by some of southern Africa’s best traditional trackers, Tracker Manual gives even more guidance on how to identify the spoor of some 190 animal species.

To harness green hydrogen three requirements must be met

With South Africa reaching an agreement to launch $1 billion blended finance fund to accelerate the development of the green hydrogen sector, the country is well on its way to pursue and harness this energy resource.

The world needs talent – especially the highly skilled

The world is in a permanent state of change amid technology, economy, consumer and climate change demands. Although there have been remarkable leaps in automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), company leaders will continue to need highly skilled talent to meet their business needs.

Can AI find your next C-suite hire?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising business and we’re all beginning to relax with it as we learn that it is generally to be welcomed rather than feared. As a tool, it is excellent at making tasks less time-consuming and more efficient, and this applies to the work of executive search businesses as much as to other business processes.


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