BOOK REVIEW | Character Insights for a Regenerative Future


5 Leadership Superpowers to Drive Growth, Innovation and The Future of Work

By Paul Steenkamp and Tanya Meeson

As our societal and economic structures shift in an increasingly VUCA world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to modernise their ways of thinking and ways of working to match and adapt to these changes.

Leadership, too, must adapt, managing the dual demands of preparing for the future while optimising for today, tapping into their people’s creative energy and collective wisdom to maximise the great advantages their purpose-driven problem-solvers can add to the business.

Hierarchies and skills

Character Insights for a Regenerative Future: 5 Leadership Superpowers to Drive Growth, Innovation and The Future of Work – argues that effective leaders are innovators powered by an operating system loaded with character strength apps.

Many other leadership-operating systems run applications based on organisational hierarchies, perverse short-term financial incentives, and (increasingly) irrelevant skills. The half-life of these hierarchies and skills is rapidly falling in an increasingly VUCA world.

The good news is that overwhelming scientific evidence now demonstrates the link between character strengths and achievement. This book outlines a philosophy focused on maximising innovation effectiveness by leveraging five leadership character strengths: intellectual humility, grit, other-centeredness, growth mindset and empathy.

The book references a rapidly growing body of scientific research and the author’s personal experiences working in the corporate innovation space. It highlights that modern strategy design and innovation practices are necessary but insufficient for Better Future Building.

Suppose you are a modern leader creating the regenerative future you want by elevating ingenuity, accelerating performance, and avoiding harmful outcomes. In that case, this book provides insights, inspiration and affirmations for character-powered innovation.

About the authors

Paul Steenkamp is an advisor, author and investor. He believes in people’s power to do better by solving differently. In 2016, he founded I Am Jack Frost, an effective problem-solving consultancy for executives and their teams. A former corporate innovator and innovation leader, Paul was part of the executive committee of Standard Bank’s Personal & Business Banking and headed up the award-winning FNB Innovators program when the bank won the Most Innovative Bank in the World title.

For six years, Paul has served South Africa’s parliament as a National Advisory Council on Innovation committee member. He holds an Executive MBA from Henley Business School and Honours in Industrial Psychology from Rhodes University. You’ll find Paul hanging around in Cape Town, being walked by his dogs, or packing and unpacking the dishwasher.

Tanya Meeson is an author, columnist and journalist with a special interest in relationships, psychology, transformational leadership and health. Her work has appeared across a wide range of media including Mail & Guardian, JSE, African Decisions, Marie Claire, Woman & Home, Cosmopolitan, and HEAIDS. She is also the author of The Fulcrum.

  • PUBLISHER | KR Publishing |
  • Recommended Retail Price | R329.00
  • ISBN | 9781869229481
  • Classification | Leadership |



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