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BOOK REVIEW | The Friction Project

All too often, getting important things done at work is hard, soul crushing and convoluted. Too much precious time is spent wading through corporate gunk. Friction eats away at our energy, creativity and productivity and makes business slow and unproductive. And yet so frequently, organisations make the wrong things easier to do, taking down guardrails when they should in fact hit the brakes.

BOOK REVIEW | Character Insights for a Regenerative Future

As our societal and economic structures shift in an increasingly VUCA world, it’s more important than ever for businesses to modernise their ways of thinking and ways of working to match and adapt to these changes.

From the new to the next normal and what lies ahead

A year ago, I won CEO of the Year at the Future of HR Awards. That same year our business won Best Health and Wellness Strategy of The Year, and the year before that we’d won Corporate Wellness Champion of the Year. My team and I were on a high – thrilled to bits with our company’s success and recognition.

BOOK REVIEW | Leadership Lessons from Books I Have Read

We cannot underestimate how critical strong leadership is in all aspects of our lives. It enables us to run our lives, homes, communities, workplaces and nations. Given its importance, it is pertinent to ask: What is the source of good leadership?


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