BOOK REVIEW | Bricks for Chicks


Property investment for women who kick ass!

By Tanya Haffern

Bricks for Chicks introduces women (and men who are smart enough to read it!) to property investment, demystifying industry lingo and introducing the basic strategies a budding investor can employ to maximise returns in what can often turn into a field of broken dreams.

The book aims to grow the reader’s financial skill set to acquire the confidence to become financially independent.

Insights into property investment

The author’s savvy, fun personality shines through as she delivers invaluable insights into property investment so that reading this book feels like having a fun conversation with a battle-sharpened, clued-up girlfriend who doesn’t spare the punches and, at the same time, makes you believe that you, too, can succeed in property investment.

The case studies keep the book light and humorous and make it easily accessible for novice investors. For anyone who wants to start investing in property but feels overwhelmed by the terminology, expenses and inherent risk, this book is going to change her life, starting today.

About the author

Tanya Haffern is an award-winning speaker and author and a well-respected figure in property investing, business and education circles. She is renowned for inspiring people to reframe their financial mindset in a fast-changing world.

Her passion for financial freedom through property investing, both locally and internationally, encourages people to think differently about their potential, their income and their future. She has been investing in property in South Africa since 2003 and in the UK since 2015.

Tanya trained for Robert Kiyosaki’s brand, Rich Dad Education, and travelled extensively across South Africa teaching property investing to large crowds over two-day seminars. She blogs about property investing on a weekly basis, has been featured in a number of magazine and newspaper articles, and has appeared on Business Day TV. She is a regular guest speaker at property and mindset/inspirational events.

  • PUBLISHER | Penguin Random House SA |
  • ISBN | 9781776390410 |
  • Recommended Retail Price | R200.00 |
  • Classification | Assets and Investments |


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