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Engaging on climate can reduce emissions & enhance returns

Climate change poses risks to economies, companies, and investments. It is an important focus for us as active owners of assets on behalf of our clients. Many companies are carefully considering their exposure to climate risk and outlining their decarbonisation ambitions. What role can active ownership play in this, while also protecting and enhancing the value of investments?

Accessing offshore equity and commodity markets safely

Structured products enable diversification into offshore markets while controlling risk. Any investor worth their salt understands the importance of diversification, particularly in a contemporary economic environment characterised by such volatility and uncertainty.

Why structured products are the future of investing

The recent announcement of South Africa’s grey listing has compounded an already volatile market and has introduced more administrative complexity when investing offshore. Onerous due diligence processes and verifiable information may be required creating delays with offshore investments.

Adviser and DFM relationship should be at arm’s length

Financial advisers need their wits about them when choosing a discretionary fund management (DFM) partner and should undertake a comprehensive due diligence process to differentiate between the ‘mixed bag’ of companies they may encounter in this space.

Timing the market – a fool’s errand

Staying calm amid market volatility is not easy, given the constant stream and access to news headlines and market updates. When investing, it’s important to keep in mind that stock markets will experience periods of sustained growth and decline, respectively.

Tips for the 2023 tax season

Tax efficiency should be a key focus area for any investor’s financial plan. By making sure our tax affairs are in order, considering the tax implications of our investment decisions and maximising the tax benefits on offer, we can improve our long-term financial outcomes.

BOOK REVIEW | Bricks for Chicks

Bricks for Chicks introduces women (and men who are smart enough to read it!) to property investment, demystifying industry lingo and introducing the basic strategies a budding investor can employ to maximise returns in what can often turn into a field of broken dreams.

Investment ghosts of the past, present and future

There has certainly been plenty of foolishness, as a new generation of day-traders have pushed meme stocks, special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) and cryptos to ridiculous levels. Battle-hardened investment professionals have not been immune to bouts of irrational exuberance either.

SARS isn’t the only one that can tax you – take...

In his previous budget speech, Minister Mboweni mentioned a host of different taxes that the revenue man would soon be collecting from us. From personal income tax, to fuel taxes, corporate and carbon taxes – the list was long. But one tax he didn’t mention – and to his credit it is not an official tax (but I would argue it should be) – is behaviour tax.

Protect your cash: investing for growth

The global economy is likely to recover as vaccines are administered. Pair this with low interest rates and the huge fiscal stimuli injected into the world’s largest economies, and you have a solid recipe for risk-on sentiment. Emerging markets assets, like those found in South Africa, bask under such circumstances.


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