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Mauritius is making residency more attractive for South Africans

On 10 September 2021, Mauritius officially reopened its borders to South Africans, ending the 18-month travel ban imposed on SA visitors. The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) openly welcomed South African tourists back to the Mauritius shores, which is a token of the relationship between the two countries.

BOOK REVIEW | Millionaire in the Making

Thanks to historically debilitating apartheid laws and a lack of financial education, many South Africans are crippled by generational poverty, inheriting liabilities (like black tax) instead of assets. To change society, we need to convert consumers into investors, spenders into savers, and equip our nation with world-class financial principles.

In bed with SARS – a doable tax efficient investment scenario

If you’re ever feeling a little hard-done-by thanks to SARS, know this: Government has done an outstanding job of encouraging investment and stimulating job creation (COVID-19 aside) by introducing some really forward-thinking tax incentives.

REITs versus investing in direct property

You’ve heard about the wonders of property as an asset class and you have made a commitment to get into it. The most obvious way to enter the market is to buy property directly – as in when you buy a home, the whole building as well as the garden belongs to you (well, it will do in 20 years’ time when you have paid off the bond).

BOOK REVIEW | Financial Freedom Through Property

A step-by-step, practical guide on how to purchase your first investment property, written in easy-to-understand, conversational language that explains complex concepts simply. Most people believe that property is a great investment, but that in order to get into property you need money, contacts and experience.

Investing in South Africa: market sink or soar?

A bout of recent heavy power outages had both South Africans and foreign investors rethinking their investments on home soil. While the economic instability has been felt predominately by the business sector, much hesitation has been experienced in the property sector too. 

Investing safely and securely during tough economic times

It’s no secret that South Africans are under pressure financially – with a slow economy, increasing electricity and petrol prices and slow wage growth. Many may therefore search for ways to make their savings work harder for them, and in so doing fall prey to short-term investments that offer unusually high returns.

Commercial property – value or market investor?

Now is the perfect opportunity to become a value investor in commercial and industrial property and to ditch the generalist market investor approach. For the past few years, most physical industrial and commercial properties have shown good capital appreciation and income returns, and many investors took to purchasing any available commercial or industrial property.

Investment case for unlisted property

Commercial property forms an important part of the investable asset universe. Although dependent on relevance of location and the property assets in question, commercial property offers stable growth and income returns coupled with a reasonable level of inflation protection. 


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