BOOK REVIEW | Virus-Proof Your Retirement


30 Ways To Act Now

By Kim Potgieter

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and amidst the uncertainty, many of us look ahead and feel a little panicky: What’s going to happen to our savings and to the retirement we were looking forward to?

Kim Potgieter, Director at Chartered Wealth Solutions and Retirement™ expert, has developed a new eBook, with 30 different actions you can take now to ‘virus-proof’ your retirement.

Potgieter weaves together the expert insights she holds as a Registered Financial Life Planner, a Certified Financial Planner®, an accredited International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Coach, a Dare to Lead™ Facilitator and a New Money Story® Mentor Coach. Her Industrial and Clinical Psychology degrees give her further skill, in assisting her clients merge their life’s meaning with their money.

In this new eBook, Potgieter’s very actionable and practical advice is not simply a checklist of financial to-dos, such as lowering monthly withdrawals and investing surplus money (though these are among the especially useful tips).

Complex emotions and thoughts around money

Potgieter also shares advice for readers who are challenged by the complex emotions and thoughts around money, and as a result, find themselves unable to take control of their finances.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has turned the world upside down.  Many of us are anxious about the future, in the face of so much uncertainty; we worry about our savings, our budgets and our ability to provide for our loved ones. But this is also the ideal opportunity to reflect, to learn and to develop healthier habits, so you can plot a path out of the pandemic, to where you want to be.

She goes on to explain that the tips in the eBook have arisen from the conversations she has had with her colleagues, fellow retirement specialists, as well as with her clients.

There is a mix of practical financial and planning advice, and the harder transition work, where you re-examine and re-shape your money ideas and habits.

About the author

Kim Potgieter coined phrase ‘retiremeant’, in her first book, Retiremeant: get more meaning from your money – which means to retire with meaning. She believes that your finances are inextricably entwined with the dreams you have for your life and that the real value of a retirement plan is one that merges your money with your life goals.

Kim is convinced that most people neglect their money, and perhaps even more important, neglect thinking about what their ideal life would look like. She believes that the starting point for true wealth is to be clear on your life goals and objectives, and then structuring your money to enable the life you envision having.

Kim’s life purpose is to share her learnings about money and to encourage people to put money in its right place, enabling the life they really want to have. She believes that everyone should have a plan: a plan for their life and their money.

Kim is passionate about people. She is married to Gys and they have three children. Kim loves to cook, travel, read and create unforgettable memories and adventures with her family.

For more information, visit her website

Virus-Proof Your Retirement: 30 Ways to Act Now is available for download, at no charge, from Kim’s website



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