JSE and FTSE Russell join forces to launch multi-asset index for SA market


Mark Randall | Director | Information Services | Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) | mail me

We have once more partnered with FTSE Russell to launch a new multi-asset index solution for the South African market, leveraging the long-standing relationship between the two organisations and the rich base of the existing index offering.

Today we announce that we have launched the FTSE/JSE Multi-Asset Composite Index, which offers investors a broad and integrated coverage of South African equities, fixed-income securities, listed property, and options that include global equities and fixed-income markets.

We’ve worked closely with our partners at JSE to give investors comprehensive coverage of South African equity and fixed income markets in recent years. Today’s launch provides an enriched choice set by launching a variety of multi-asset benchmarks calibrated to achieve a range of asset class exposures, including South Africa’s listed property markets. It also supports common investment approaches by applying capping, exclusions and hedging functionality and is underpinned by FTSE Russell’s robust and transparent governance framework.

– Scott Harman, FTSE’s Global Head of Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Product Management


The FTSE/JSE Multi-Asset Composite Index offering is delivered in four variants:

  • Local equity + Local fixed income
  • Local equity + Local fixed income + Global equity
  • Local equity + Local fixed income + Global equity + Global fixed income
  • Local equity + Local fixed income + Global equity + Local property

The JSE and FTSE Russell have a long-standing partnership, having jointly launched the FTSE/JSE All Share Index in 2002, made up of JSE’s 40 largest companies, representing 99% of market capitalisation of the JSE.

Last year, the JSE and FTSE Russell further strengthened their partnership when we launched the FTSE/JSE Fixed Income Indices, which offers investors an enhanced exposure to the South African government-issued debt.

Performance benchmark for active funds

The launch of the FTSE/JSE Multi-Asset Composite Index was in line with the strategy of the Johannesburg-based exchange to enhance services and products that it offers to issuers and investors to ensure unsurpassed market quality, settlement assurance, and governance standards.

The partnership combines the regional expertise of the JSE with FTSE Russell’s global multi-asset indexing expertise and robust governance framework to produce transparent, objective investment tools.

The FTSE/JSE Multi-Asset Composite Index could be used by investors to inform investment research or as a performance benchmark for active funds. It could also be utilised as the basis for passive tracking strategies.



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