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SURVEY | Africa private equity confidence

We are pleased to present our 2021 Africa Private Equity Confidence Survey (PECS). This publication is centred around valuable insights into how fellow private equity (PE) practitioners view the African PE landscape, specifically their future expectations over the next 12 months.

The advantage of ILBs in a money market fund

In the world of low interest rates, Inflation Linked Bonds (ILB) offer a compelling proposition for money market funds. The millions of articles written about the impact of COVID-19 can’t begin to do justice to the damage wrought to individuals, society, and the economy.

Maximising the benefit of a tax-free investment

South Africa has one of the lowest household savings rates in the world. To encourage the culture of savings, the government introduced tax-free investment and tax-free savings accounts in 2015 to incentivise good savings habits.

Index with impact, with green bonds

Since 2018, sustainable fixed income indexing assets across the industry have more than doubled every year, with investors increasingly looking at sustainability as an important driver of returns. The pandemic has also accelerated reallocation within fixed income as traditional role of government bonds within portfolios has become increasingly challenged by a lower for-longer interest rate environment.

20% of nothing is still nothing

History, of course, tells us that Ponzi schemes and financial scams are nothing new. However, their sophistication in the online space and in a digitally connected world are tailor-made for casting a wider, global net that lures potential investors with promises of 20% or 30% returns – or, in one recent incident, interest of 7% a week.  

What COVID-19 has taught us about wealth management

It’s been over a year since the pandemic-induced stock market meltdown and since South Africa entered hard lockdown. It is time to look back and examine what this period has taught us as an industry.

Learning the lessons of a year of COVID-19

A year ago, reality started sinking in that the new coronavirus from Wuhan would not be contained to China. No fewer than 25 countries had confirmed cases, and the first deaths outside China were being reported. On 11 February 2020, the disease caused by the new coronavirus was named COVID-19.

2020 lessons pave the way for better New Year decision making

Many of us became more comfortable with using technology for everyday purposes like buying groceries, clothing and medication. One aspect of investing that was magnified during the lockdown was the importance of diversification. Introducing different asset classes and geographies into a portfolio can certainly be put down as one of the major lessons from last year.

Surfing the next wave – how the markets could be impacted

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin infamously noted that while a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is simply a statistic. That grim milestone has now been passed by the coronavirus. It has claimed more than a million lives worldwide.

Multi-asset investing – how can it be used in volatile times

I recently saw multi-asset funds described as a 'balanced investment ready-meal'. I thought it such an apt description. A balanced meal has a variety of food groups represented, each providing different nutritional benefits. You’ll have some protein, some carbohydrates, some healthy fats and some vegetables.


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