Becoming cloud-native and container-led


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This year, open source will become even more fundamental to the success of companies as they transition to fully-fledged digitally-led businesses. In the coming months, proprietary software will lose relevance as local organisations start embracing the likes of the cloud and containers to deliver value and capitalise on growth opportunities.

Even though the cloud has become familiar to many, containers are still relatively new despite coming to the fore more than a decade ago. Docker, arguably one of the most influential technologies of the 2010s, gave rise to Kubernetes. This has become one of the most significant open source projects in the world. Using this, companies can transform their legacy environments into more advanced, agile ones leveraging microservices and a containerised approach to development.

In many regards, this new decade will herald unprecedented growth when it comes to companies becoming cloud-native and container-led. South African organisations will start seeing more use cases across industry sectors emerging that highlight where the most important benefits of going the container-route will materialise.

This will help ease the migration for those companies still requiring a relevant business case. In the past, the temptation to embrace the latest technologies proved too great. This resulted in businesses rushing in with new implementations that wound up delivering very little value. Lessons have been learnt and decision-makers now want proof of concepts first before embarking on significant new technology projects. Going the container route means this can be done quicker than in the past, with projects targeting specific problem areas inside the organisation.

AI environment

As part of this, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation will become vital tools. However, to effectively use these sophisticated technologies, companies must be able to leverage the computational resources available through the cloud.

And while the cloud is needed to

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