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Pursuing a triple zero future: the new reality for mining in...

The mining industry has envisioned a new future where business, human and environmental interests are not competing priorities, but complementary strengths: a 'Triple Zero' future of zero harm, zero loss, and zero waste. In the Triple Zero future, where zero harm is lived out day-to-day, the health and well-being of the workforce act as a fulcrum for sustainable business operations.

Cloud is now an urgent business mandate

We can all agree that COVID-19 created an unprecedented wake-up call, and organisations everywhere have had a very powerful and direct reminder of the importance of systems resilience, agility, adaptability and scalability. Now, as businesses look for ways to outmanoeuvre the uncertainty heightened by the pandemic, the focus has shifted to sustaining operations under severe disruption, flexing to address highly volatile customer demand, and managing vastly increased needs for remote network access.

4IR policy – a question of industrialisation or imperialism

There is little doubt that there is now a mass understanding, or at the very least, mass awareness, of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Paradoxically, that is thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are some serious 4IR policy considerations that do not seem to be getting the right levels of attention and focus on the African continent. 4IR has to be a matter of national agenda; national economic and political sovereignty & national security - necessitating commensurate prioritisation.

BOOK REVIEW | Intelligent Automation

Today, Artificial Intelligence has the ability to automate white-collar work, in a shift many are calling the 'fourth industrial revolution'. Industry experts Pascal Bornet, Ian Barkin and Jochen Wirtz are at the helm of this Hyperautomation. In their new book, the team lays out what the future might look like.

Automation and AI can bolster the fight against money laundering

Several extensive investigations around the globe into the activities of banks have revealed massive failings in the fight against money laundering. The research showed that more and more criminals are exploiting the financial system and laundering their black money by means of quick and immediate remittances.

How the rise of digital technology transformed the role of the...

Up until a few years ago, digital transformation was not high on the agenda for most finance chiefs. Though they recognised that IT was important, most CFOs thought of digital as a technology play, a channel strategy or a customer experience concern.

Introducing advanced analytics into business – a phased approach

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Advanced Analytics have become hot buzzwords in the business world. But for many business analysts and business owners they are nothing more than that – just words. Many companies feel an urgent need to apply these concepts but are at a loss as to how and where to implement them, and what true value can be gained.

Four statistics that illustrate the business value of SAP HANA

The events of 2020 have placed renewed importance on organisations’ ability to deal with widespread uncertainty, disruption and change. Modern organisations are faced with the daunting task of collecting, storing and analysing vast amounts of data and deriving insights from that data that inform decisions and lead to improved business outcomes.

Are insurers staying ahead of growing cybersecurity risks?

Our latest findings on State of Cyber Resilience shows that cyberattacks on insurers have more than doubled (from 240 to 519 attacks, on average), illustrating the current cyber climate for insurers: It’s volatile. This number is more than twice as much as the cross-industry cyber resilience leaders in the survey and over three times more than their banking peers.

Responsible AI – a framework for building trust

Artificial intelligence (AI) is maturing rapidly as an incredibly powerful technology with seemingly limitless application. It has demonstrated its ability to automate routine tasks, such as our daily commute, while also augmenting human capacity with new insight.



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