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Voice or void: how to be heard through changing business voice...

Most people’s first association with voice recognition technology is Siri, Apple’s now-ubiquitous personal assistant. 10 years on though, the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning initiatives suggest that voice integration has a bright future ahead.

What innovation really means for modern businesses

Innovation is the driving force of modern business. In a rapidly changing world, organisations need to be able to adapt and transform at speed: in fact, change management is the most important soft skill for businesses of today.

Is artificial intelligence relevant for all industries?

Is South Africa ready for artificial intelligence (AI)? What about the role of humans in AI? Is AI really going to take over our jobs? Where do companies start, when it comes to AI readiness? These were just a few of the questions that were put to three experts at a recent webinar we hosted together with Synthesis Software Technologies.

Unleashing the power of machine learning in digital marketing

Over the past five years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in marketing have come a long way. Yet many marketers who are using today’s programmatic and social platforms to reach their audience are not exploiting the full power of the algorithms these platforms can offer or the vast amounts of consumer data they collect.

Providing an integrated CX through CRM

According to a study by Brain & Company, organisations with a Customer Experience (CX) mindset drive a revenue of 4-8% higher than the rest in their respective industries. Having a customer-centric approach is therefore vital for businesses operating in the digital age. Here, data is a key element in driving business operations.

Does POPIA impact AI software or ML systems?

This article discusses the impact of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) on artificial intelligence or machine learning systems used in the context of the workplace.

Cyber governance – risk management & reporting now critical!

Recent global events, specifically the global COVID-19 pandemic, have caused widespread business disruption and transformation, forcing businesses to adapt to new ways of working in an extremely short period.

Cybersecurity challenges

Digitalisation is impacting nearly every single aspect of our lives. There is not only a rapid adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, but everyone is becoming more dependent on software, hardware and cloud infrastructure.

Illegal wildlife trade – what banks must do

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) released their report on ‘Money Laundering and the Illegal Wildlife Trade’ a topic that has been sitting on the side-lines for a long time, overshadowed by more prominent criminal ventures, such as drug trafficking.

How key industries are successfully navigating digital transformation

It’s hard to imagine a world without technology – the speed and ease of the internet, and daily innovation that continues to disrupt business models. Across industries, we are starting to notice businesses of all sizes embrace the digital economy to create value, increase efficiency, and adapt to stay ahead of competitors.


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