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How businesses can do more with less using automation, AI &...

A report published by market research specialist In On Africa in August last year presented some interesting insights about artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in South Africa. In a survey of more than 3,000 South Africans working across various industries, 59% stated that they knew about ChatGPT but only 38% had used it previously.

AI can’t take the farmer out of farming

Agriculture in Africa is being transformed by artificial intelligence (AI), but there is still one element it cannot replace. Despite dramatic technological advances in the sector in recent decades, the role of the farmer remains indispensable. This was a message delivered, surprisingly, at a recent conference in Europe, by a world leader in the field – from Eswatini.

Revolutionising manufacturing – the impact of ML in robotics

The integration of machine learning (ML) into robotics has the potential to revolutionise many industries, and in particular, the manufacturing sector. Productivity, efficiency, precision, and flexibility are of the essence in this industry and its incorporation into production processes is increasing at a rapid pace.

Technology is making health & safety more attractive to project teams

Maintaining exceptional health and safety (H&S) standards is integral to the ongoing success of any project in the mining, construction, and engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) industries. However, the time and expenses involved can be discouraging, leading to less effective outcomes.

Using AI & advanced analytics to beat insurance fraud

Despite higher inflation, interest rates and cost of living, the South African insurances market experienced a revival during the last two years, with the gross written premium across the local insurances market expected to show an annual growth rate of 5.14% from 2024 to 2028 (CAGR 2024-2028), achieving a market volume of US$100.30 billion by 2028.

Automation & AI can transform FSM

Over the past couple of years, implementation of automation in business, along with measured adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), has given businesses in the service industry the ability to enhance their workforce and their operations. This is because automation can take over many of the manual, admin-heavy tasks that can be very time-consuming for a workforce - particularly valuable in field service management (FSM) where there are many moving parts.

Reasons why digitisation is vital to ensure resilient supply chains

For any business involved in local or global trade, a robust supply chain is key to sustainable success. The simple reality is that trade disruptions come in many forms, from natural disasters and geopolitical crises, to trade conflicts and even pandemics; and in all these scenarios, a strong supply chain is required to keep a business running, avoid losses, and retain its edge over the competition.

Adtech’s future – AI, first-party data & privacy

Adtech organisations sit at the very edge of innovation and the evolution of marketing. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the rise of data alongside the demise of the third-party cookie, have reimagined contextual messaging, creativity, and campaigns at scale.

How to build trust in the age of AI

Imagine cruising down the highway in your Tesla (Model 3), sold by the dreams of the autopilot feature. Suddenly a disaster strikes as the car's AI fails to distinguish a semi-truck ahead, resulting in a fatal accident. This scenario that occurred in Florida on March 2019 highlights the potential dangers of reliance on AI in autonomous vehicles. Yet, in October 2023, researchers from the University Medical Center Utrecht, developed a deep learning algorithm; a form of AI, to identify brain tumours, speeding up diagnosis which now goes on potentially save millions of lives.

The role of AI in combating misinformation – an in-depth analysis

In an era defined by information overload, distinguishing between fact and fiction has become a paramount challenge. Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful ally in the fight against misinformation, employing sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to ensure the integrity of the information disseminated to the public.


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