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How will the technology landscape change in 2019?

Until now, our industry has spoken about innovative technologies somewhat theoretically, without providing a clear picture of how these powerful new innovations will be used. This has left people without a solid understanding of how they will ultimately manifest in our work and personal lives.

Internet of Things (IoT) security concerns may hamper growth

Businesses are, for a large part, uninformed and risk averse towards securing IoT. Enterprise, industrial and commercial IoT is a sticking point for business, particularly in South Africa, where boards of directors and senior executives are not yet knowledgeable about the benefits. This causes them to be exceptionally averse to risk, but this is changing as younger and more informed ‘tech-savvy’ executives are being appointed to boards.

IT wrap-up of 2018

While 2018 has certainly been a seesaw year for South African businesses, there have been significant – and very positive – developments on the IT and connectivity front.

Advance financial processes with Artificial Intelligence

The growing demand for accurate, effective and convenient business support tools has seen a rise in solution-driven innovations from payment, banking and budgeting applications, to accounting desktop solutions.

How will AI-driven BI tools transform your SME in 2019?

In today’s digitally powered business ecosystem, data has become the lifeblood of every forward-thinking, successful enterprise. More specifically, data analytics (the key information gleaned from volumes of data) is now the primary weaponry that enables business leaders to outsmart their competition. And in such a highly disruptive, cutthroat business sphere, every bit of smart weaponry counts!

AI set to solve start-up challenges

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the way business leaders address age-old problems. Not solely the for the world's leading technology companies anymore, AI solutions that are accessible and cost-effective can be implemented to sustainably improve customer satisfaction, pinpoint where best to reach potential customers and accurately forecast inventory requirements.

Teraflop computing taken to space – and beyond

Imagine a future where astronauts aboard a spaceship, or exploring Mars, can leverage super-computing power to conduct simulations, run artificial intelligence (AI) applications, collect, analyse and then transmit data back to Earth, in real time, clearly and without delays.

AI capable of doubling SA’s growth?

As most global markets experience growth, South Africa remains in an economic quagmire. Due to credit rating downgrades, a volatile currency, and lower contributions to GDP from the country's major economic spinners – the agriculture, manufacturing, and mining sectors – the country is experiencing stubbornly high unemployment and anaemic economic growth.

SURVEY | Africa’s insurance industry poised for further growth

The opportunities for growth in Africa’s insurance industry are huge despite recent economic and political uncertainty. The insurance industry has done well to adapt to continuous disruption, with technological advances now considered the most important global trend disrupting the industry.

The Digital Revolution – unplannable, unstoppable and inescapable?

The 4th Industrial Revolution; a wave of exponential and converging technological progress that is washing over every facet of our world. It is demolishing our received wisdoms about how the world works and should be structured. It is leaving the less agile to be tossed aside as disrupted detritus while the bold, the prescient and the innovative create and capture new opportunities.
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