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Becoming cloud-native and container-led

This year, open source will become even more fundamental to the success of companies as they transition to fully-fledged digitally-led businesses. In the coming months, proprietary software will lose relevance as local organisations start embracing the likes of the cloud and containers to deliver value and capitalise on growth opportunities.

Martech megatrends

Digital marketers need to be on their toes this year as a range of new tech tools takes hold and consumer behaviour moves ever faster towards instant communication and results.

AI helps unlock data potential of banks

Artificial intelligence (AI) provides banks with the means to make better use of the massive amount of data at their disposal. In doing so, they can identify opportunities for growth faster and gain significant competitive advantage at a time when more agile digital counterparts are emerging.

Two ways to make your data science projects great

To get real value from data science, organisations must operationalise their data and productionise their AI models. Once these two key problems are solved, enterprises can expect to accelerate their data science projects to the point where they are seeing major innovations in their operations - but what exactly do the terms mean?

Local labour market trends for 2020

In 2020, technology is set to continue transforming organisations and skills needs are evolving rapidly. As organisations focus on sustainability, relevance and sourcing and retaining talent, job seekers will need to focus on learnability and skills development.

The impact of AI on jobs in the retail motor sector

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is gaining traction in all sectors. Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation are being applied to create ingenious innovations – advancements aimed at making life easier, improving productivity and speeding up the evolution of industries.

2020: the year of sharpness and clarity of vision

Every year people make promises to themselves in the form of new year’s resolutions, and the happiest and most successful people are those who have managed to turn a promise to improve themselves into a sustainable habit.

Key compliance trends in SA (and African) financial institutions

Regulatory reporting has grown in profile over the last number of years, with more budget and more employees dedicated to compliance activities than ever before. Having been involved in the compliance space for more than a decade in some form or another, we have identified key compliance characteristics and trends in the majority of South African (and African) financial institutions.

Why finance should embrace Industry 4.0

As we progress further into Industry 4.0, finance needs to further leverage new technologies to add real value to a business’s bottom-line, yet it remains in its infancy stages. Industry 4.0 has impacted a range of industries, and with the digitisation of industrial value chains, many forget about finance, which has only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to leveraging new technologies.

Workers already being replaced by robots

There is a technology that is disrupting the workplace, it’s called Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Using software ‘robots’ to mimic repetitive human interactions with computers, this technology can do these tasks much faster, without any rest and no errors that human are prone to making.



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