BCX is driving disruption at the front line of technology and beyond


Ian Russell | Chief Executive Officer | BCX | https://www.bcx.co.za |

“The launch of BCX has been a fantastic experience,” says Ian Russell, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BCX. “It’s been about putting together the very best of an IT services company called Business Connection and Telkom Business.”

In a world that changes daily, the future can seem uncertain at times. BCX will be the partner that handles your end-to-end digital requirements and keeps you at the forefront of the digital evolution.

“Together we can now create a powerhouse IT services voice and connectivity in a wonderful converged way,” states Russell.

The vision for BCX moving forward is to increasingly become a technology company moving away from the traditional IT services and into a creative solution company for our key customers allowing them to trust in the power of tomorrow while focusing on the core of their business today!

The power of BCX is the ability to cover a host of different business needs across all our country’s major industries, each with the power to reduce costs, increase profits and improve the productivity of their entire company. With the merger of Business Connection and Telkom Business teams we can now offer this to our customers.

Russell says, “This allows BCX to now deliver IT services, data centre capability, cloud-based solutions and all of the voice and connectivity that Telkom Business used to have. As the world increasingly converges we are uniquely positioned to maximize our value here.” BCX currently has the biggest data centre footprint in Africa, with the largest network infrastructure.

“BCX’s leadership philosophy is just that, to lead!” says Russell, “specifically to make decisions quickly, fail fast if we are going to fail, succeed quickly if we are going to succeed. That pace is essential in our industry. Creating solutions for our customers all depends on our agility and ability to make decisions rapidly and move forward.”

“Disruption is a key focus for BCX – it is all about changing the way we think about existing problems and finding new ways of solving those problems.”

An example, says Russell, “is how we can bring technology in the agriculture sector, for example, an old economy with lots of challenges. As we bring new technology into that area we can completely change our cropping patterns the way that we manage our input and output and so on. So, disruption can be anywhere across any part of our economy.”

The technology industry in South Africa is relatively small compared to its global peers. Russell believes that BCX’s role is to grow the agriculture sector and as thus the economy – a strong technology sector will add value to GDP growth.

“Critically,” says Russell, “the restraint of growth is in skill development and the capacity of our work force to be able to deliver technology solutions. BCX’s big investment now is targeted at 18 – 25 year olds. We want to reskill, retrain and give them an education in technology to power our economy moving forward.”

BCX has been thinking carefully about how it can genuinely put the customer at the heart of what it does and as thus create solutions that adds value to their business. Russell states, “Fundamentally I don’t want BCX to be a sales organisation. I want to be the trusted partner of my customers. I want us to be an organisation that customers can talk to us about their business problems and together we can create technology solutions to address those problems.”

“In essence, the aim is to offer real-time personalised service delivery,” responds Russell.




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