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IT wrap-up of 2018

While 2018 has certainly been a seesaw year for South African businesses, there have been significant – and very positive – developments on the IT and connectivity front.

Smart networks and business intelligence

In the midst of a global digital transformation, widespread integration of next-generation technologies like 5G and IoT is just over the horizon.

Co-working spaces a key economic development tool for cities

Cities all around the world are becoming job creating entrepreneurial hubs in their own right thanks to a rise in digital connectedness and spaces for like minded people to work in stimulating environments.

Digital connectivity impact on Africa’s industrial and economic development

Will automation, artificial intelligence and robotics – or as it’s been called, the ‘rise of the machines’ – really reduce the value of people and their roles as meaningful contributors to society? Or will it unlock new avenues for creating value and new opportunities, which may manifest in greater industrial and economic futures for societies in Africa?

Study examines attitudes to mobile money in Africa

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and the Mastercard Foundation have published an ethnographic study on the perceptions and attitudes to digital financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa. The study will increase financial inclusion by helping financial services providers better understand the user of African digital financial services (DFS). The report A Sense of Inclusion: An Ethnographic Study of the Perceptions and Attitudes to Digital Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa, is based on...

Launch of BCX

Ian Russell | Chief Executive Officer | BCX | www.bcx.co.za | READ THE ARTICLE: BCX is driving disruption at the front line of technology and beyond  

BCX is driving disruption at the front line of technology and...

Ian Russell | Chief Executive Officer | BCX | https://www.bcx.co.za | “The launch of BCX has been a fantastic experience,” says Ian Russell, Chief Executive Officer...

The Future of risk – new game, new rules

Navin Sing | Managing Director: Risk Advisory Africa | Deloitte | navising@deloitte.co.za | www.deloitte.com | In today’s hyper-connected world - dominated by mobile devices, social...

Will hyper-scale cloud services boost employment?

Mpumi Nhlapo | Head: IT Portfolio and Solution Sales | T-Systems South Africa | mpumi.nhlapo@t-systems.co.za | www.t-systems.com | South Africa’s sluggish economic growth continues to...

REVIEW: Fritzbox 4040 Router

The German group called AVM have long made high-end routers for ADSL and Fibre and have released the latest in their line of Fritzbox...
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