Our biometric future?


What do consumers want when they bank or shop?

Often, they want just two things: for their money to stay safe and for their banking or shopping experience to be smooth. But this is not an easy feat – as industry experts can attest to. This is simply because usually, the more security that is introduced in the process, the more the end-user’s experience is disrupted.

Advanced technology and increasing mobility are ushering in a new era of service delivery – one wherein the industries have turned their attention fully towards the development and delivery of more integrated environments for their consumers. Undoubtedly, making a payment using a part of your body is no longer something out of a science fiction movie.

Indeed, these are exciting days in the world of biometrics and payments.

While this surge in technology offers great opportunities for institutions to enhance their service offerings while also increasing security for its customer base, it has also led to a hotbed area with many consumers still believing that not nearly enough is being done – particularly within the financial services industry to protect them and their financial interests.

What if, instead, institutions could provide a way of introducing additional authenticating measures whilst simultaneously improving the user experience?

Enter biometrics…

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